Iglesia de San Francisco, Quito, Ecuador, 2015-07-22, DD 159-161 HDRis what Filipinos must find now. The people that voted both Duterte and Robredo into power. There are deep divisions in Philippine society. Duterte has gone against the bishops, while church bells in Naga rang for Leni Robredo last night. Let us look at some possible groups that voted for different combinations of President and Vice-President:

  • Roxas-Robredo
  • Duterte-Cayetano
  • Duterte-Robredo (those whom I know who voted this way were for fresh faces, less traditional politics)
  • Poe-Robredo (there were quite a lot who voted this way I think, because of doubts about Mar Roxas)
  • Duterte-Marcos

and what I have seen is that there was a substantial number of progressive, more left-leaning people who voted for Leni because of the social work background. A large part of those who voted Ro-Ro and Duterte-Marcos will be completely irreconcilable. Cayetano conceding to Leni early was a good sign, but those Duterte supporters who are more suspicious or even hateful towards the Liberal Party might mean trouble for Leni, just like some who may just be looking for an excuse to impeach Duterte and install Leni as a figurehead for their own interests.

The opportunism of large parts of the Liberal Party in the Congress moving to join PDP-Laban is no surprise to me. Believing in own interests before any kind of principles is – often very Filipino. But enlightened, intelligent self-interest of those living on the archipelago might be the best way to go forward. People indeed for the most part think of having a good life, nothing wrong with that. A good life at the expense of many other people is stupid self-interest – it bites back, for example as crime on the streets. What could be the common self-interest of Filipinos in these days?

  • ending the cycle of poverty and poor education, that leads to crime among other things
  • getting jobs for people, as much as possible in the country and not only in big cities that are crowded
  • give people all over the islands more control over developing their areas and checking how tax money is spent properly

everything aside from that are just means to an end I think, and all measures of success should be looked at by checking these three aspects. A common denominator, but not the lowest one…

Irineo B. R. Salazar, München, 28 May 2016