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Fort Gorazda aerial viewor the Philippines for one year has been very rewarding. Both in terms of understanding the old country better and helping others understand more in the discussions here and on the associated Facebook page. A year during which I have been rehabilitating my health and working part-time. The anger about the Mamasapano massacre on postings of Facebook friends brought back my interest in the Philippines which is undergoing a period of enormous social and political change. Started posting at Joe America’s blog and wrote three guest articles:

  • When will the Philippines reach a Tipping Point (link) – based on the clamor I saw among former classmates
  • Bangsamoro Basic Law – Managing Risks (link) – many felt BBL was flawed so I decided to sit down and analyze it
  • Rising from Victimhood (link) – written on Easter Sunday as a comment on overcoming the Filipino culture of victimhood

Joe America wrote a sequel to the victimhood article called In Defense of Knowledge: Philippine Victimhood, The Sequel (link). The original name of this blog was Filipino-German Knowledge Center, as I was a bit annoyed that many political discussions in and about the Philippines took place with insufficient knowledge. And as Socrates once said “I know that I know nothing”, I decided to rename this blog “Filipino-German Learning Center” because we don’t know everything, we learn constantly. Collective learning including mine is the goal of this blog.

  • based on a comment that you can know have to understand, the byline “understanding the Philippines in its complexity and diversity” was created
  • based on a comment I saw about Jose Marti, the Cuban contemporary of Jose Rizal, the motto became “the first duty of a man is to think for himself”

The present Filipino election has been a catalyst for many discussions. My first article, Quo Vadis Philippines (link), asked where the Philippines is going. I still wonder if the country knows.

Irineo B. R. Salazar, M√ľnchen, 23 April 2016

10 thoughts on “Blogging about Absurdistan

  1. OMG! Helpless !!! Powerless !!! Impotent !!! Debilitatingly defenseless !!!

    When The Binays were top of the world, the Philippine Press rabid dogs attacked them.
    When Grace Poe was top of the word, the pro-Mar anti-Grace and the Philippine Press attacked her.
    When the Filipinos had no other choice, they went for Duterte …
    When Duterte is top of the world, everybody attacks him …

    There is no dirt they can find on Roxas and Santiago. The Philippine Press did not bother, both are losers somehow. Both can win debates but cannot win elections.

    Here is my advice to Filipinos. Do not waste your votes on Mar Roxas and Meriam Santiago. These duo are divisive that makes Duterte wins. If Pro-Mar and Pro-Sant did not want Duterte to win, the vote for Mar and Meriam should go to Grace Poe, else, Duterte wins.

    • It is like Cruz and Kasich joining forces to beat demagogue Trump. Kasich obviously will lose the primary. Kasich is throwing his delegates behind Ted Cruz so the votes will not be divided among the three to defeat Trump.

  2. I have emailed uncle Sonny my blog proposals. One you have already seen,(and given the necessary feed back)and the other is a sequel to the community blog which I also gave you a copy.

  3. One year.Tempus fugit. you saidno advance greetings.So belated anniversary greetings to your blog. Which I call home together with Joe’s.

    • Thanks… the last debate is finished. For me it is taking a break from writing for a while and then let us see what the election results are.

      Discussions as they come, guest articles welcome. I really wonder how Absurdistan will decide, and especially how it will manage from 2016-2022. We shall chronicle…

  4. Congratulations on enduring a year. Few have that kind of durability and I hope your blog continues to be an incredibly rich place for insights and knowledge. I know it is the blog I look for first in the Blog Center, even ahead of Raissa’s these days. I may not comment every time, but I read every time. You have the superb talent of a great teacher, mixing history and anecdote to keep lazy students such as myself always interested.

    Absurdistan seems to be thriving. There is a core of smart people of good values and intention, but it pales in size next to the huge bulk of uninformed, emotional voters.

    The institutions of the Philippines are busted. I was noticing that the COMELEC’S Omnibus Election Code has a Section 12 dealing with insanity and incompetence, and I wonder what it takes to call that section into play. That it has not even been mentioned in the national dialogue shows that people (and institutions) just do not have standards for quality leadership in the Philippines.

    • Thanks Joe… my sister coined the term Absurdistan on a visit to the Philippines BTW.

      As for teaching, I was a VERY lazy student myself – my “pornographic” memory served me well though in the rote Philippine system, but failed to help me in the oral exams in German university where problem-solving and understanding how things connect to each other is king. Facing a prof one on one is very hard, I had to learn that.

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