April 2018
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is what Marine Le Pen is being investigated for (link). Simply alleging things without proof, like in the Philippines, is not the norm in Europe. The report says “the center-right mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, filed suit against Le Pen for accusing him of associating with Islamist militants in 2015”. In the Philippines, a Justice […]

Poke niyo, poke niyo mabaho!

sigaw ng manyakis sa mga babae bago siya umalis – noong bandang 1975 ito sa harap ng UP Swimming Pool. Uso na yata (link) sa iilang babaeng OFW ang panalitang halos ganoon: The west use tissue to wipe their “pekpek”. The Filipina used tabo. There now you know why the Filipina “pekpek” smells so good. […]

What 2017 holds

For the USA, Donald Trump. For Germany, elections. For the Philippines – hopefully not Marcos.

The world – seems crazy nowadays. Questions are many, for the moment good answers are few.

Irineo B. R. Salazar, München, 31. December 2016


Charles Dickens novels come to mind

when one reads of Filipinos cheering about killings, like in Singapore recently (link). Executions in 19th century England were public spectacles (link) even if there was due process involved. Justice originally developed out of a need to sate the very human need for retribution – the dark but very real side of human nature of […]

Studying its villains

may have brought Germany much further than the Philippines studying its heroes, buried or not. Are those unworthy of emulation – “huwag tularan” – more important in teaching national lessons? The Philippine cult of heroes always was suspect to me. During martial law, it was suspected that some supposed leftists were mere agents provocateurs to […]

Feeling at Home

has been a human need since we looked for caves to live in, I think. We all want to live as safely and securely as possible, be in an environment we are familiar with, with the people we can trust. Throughout history, people have conquered and migrated for reasons of their own (link). Built new […]

Stayin’ Alive

is a song by the Bee Gees. It could also be about our crazy world today. But there are indeed different ways to stay alive. There are communities like Munich where I live. Which protect the lives and livelihoods of those who live within the community. There are places like the Philippines where I lived […]

Vengeance is mine

thought a driver and shot a cyclist in Quiapo (link). I witnessed an incident in Munich years ago which started similarly. Driver and cyclist disagree on who cut whom. It happened in the Schlachthofviertel (slaughterhouse quarter) which is part of the district of Isarvorstadt where I live. Just near the river Isar, formerly a poor […]

Marami ring napatay

sa gyera ng dating Yugoslavia na nagsimula noong 1991. 25 years na ang simula ng pagkawatak-watak nitong dating federation (link). Mas sentralista ang gusto ng mga Serb dahil marami sila sa iba’t-ibang estado ng Yugoslavia, mas decentralized ang gusto ng mga Slovenian at Croatian. Tapos nagpataasan pa ng ihi ang dalawang pinuno ng Croatia at […]


ay gawa ng makatang Indonesian na si Chairul Anwar noong umalis siyang galit sa pagbababae ng kanyang ama. Naging tangi itong poem ng mga rebolusyonaryong taga-Indonesia. Salin ko:

Kung panahon ko na ayokong may maawa maski ikaw pa

Ayoko ng may sumipsip

Isa lamang akong mabangis na hayop itiniwalag maski ng sarili kong pangkat

Maski […]

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