June 2017
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60 poor families

will be involved in building their own houses in a resettlement site supported by the German government in Dasmariñas, Cavite (link) – and the Gawad Kalinga village will have a kindergarten and a public school, plus access to affordable healthcare facilities. The principle of German charity which involves activating self-help instead of encouraging mendicancy, subservience […]

Hanggang Pier Lang

ang mararating sa pagbubuhat ng sariling bangko – sabay paninira sa iba. Dahil walang magbabago sa ganyan. Walang tren o riles o elektrisidad ng MRT na maaayos. Walang mahihirap na mabibigyan ng hanapbuhay at pag-asa sa buhay. At hindi rin aasenso ang isang administrasyon na umaasa sa proyektong nasimulan ng iba. Buti pa si Presidente […]

Intact Neighborhoods

are the foundation of successful cities, regions, countries. How are barangays in the Philippines doing? The President says that 40% of barangay captains are involved in drugs (link). Wait, weren’t the barangays also the ones who compiled the drug lists? Used to compel people to surrender and possibly even used to determine who to kill?


Education and Organization

are the keys to success, their lack causes failure, as Miyako Izabel points out (link): The EDSA Revolution has failed, primarily, because the people who have been pushing for the democratic principles promised by that revolution have not focused on professionalizing the government and intellectualizing its citizens, the requirements for the Philippines to become a […]

A Nation adrift

is what I see when I look at the Philippines today. For sure the Filipino capacity to play it by ear is a strength in many situations, and might have been one of the things President Duterte was a master of when he ran his City of Davao, if one is to believe the stories […]

Changing the Countryside

could be a job for incoming VP Robredo. Never mind that Duterte does not want her in the Cabinet. She is planning to save money by not using the Coconut Palace, set up Branch Offices and use the Vice Presidential funds for projects of her own. It could be a continuation of the grassroots work […]

A common denominator

is what Filipinos must find now. The people that voted both Duterte and Robredo into power. There are deep divisions in Philippine society. Duterte has gone against the bishops, while church bells in Naga rang for Leni Robredo last night. Let us look at some possible groups that voted for different combinations of President and […]

Initial Wish List

By Karl Garcia

I have a wish list of what I wish to happen in terms of policies and legislation. Some I already mentioned and will just summarize.

For legislation of course some high profile bills like FOI, Anti-Dynasty, SSS pension hike, Magna Carta For the Poor, New Criminal Code, BBL, decriminalization of libel, etc.


Securing Children’s Futures

In the Presidential debate, it was only Grace Poe who spoke to the child in her five-minute final address. But even there something seemed to be lacking, from my European perspective of course. What future opportunities is she offering the child? Sure it is government with heart she represents – even if it is not […]

More on community – police, doctors, schools

By Karl Garcia

More on the Community (first article)! In the most recent presidential debate (link) a part of it was about the community, but most was about health care.

Definitely on the macro level peace and order and education issues were tackled.

I will focus on the community level and I will discuss Community […]

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