February 2018
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Free Tertiary Education

is a milestone for the Philippines – something I did not expect. Kudos to Senator Bam Aquino. Thanks to the others who had the sense not to torpedo it. Inspite of Aquino. The Philippine educational system may soon be able to produce the right kind of people for every level, thanks to having K-12 as […]

60 poor families

will be involved in building their own houses in a resettlement site supported by the German government in Dasmariñas, Cavite (link) – and the Gawad Kalinga village will have a kindergarten and a public school, plus access to affordable healthcare facilities. The principle of German charity which involves activating self-help instead of encouraging mendicancy, subservience […]

The Philippines Inc.?

The business of America is business, someone once said. Germany used to be called Deutschland AG or Germany Incorporated. Business is not a bad thing. We all want to make a living. When I was young and angry at the Marcos regime I was a leftist. At the very latest the failure of communism in […]

Philippine Economic Growth

The Philippine economy has been growing fast in the past years.

The GDP per capita is around three times what it was 15 years ago. Not just business process outsourcing, but also industries such as shipbuilding and repair, automotive, aerospace and electronics form the backbone of growth. Mining and agriculture also play a major role, […]