May 2018
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A National Artist died today

not just anybody, but Napoleon Abueva. Should be known to any Filipino, though my expectations have sunk, especially recently. A great sculptor (link) who made the death masks of both Fernando Poe Jr. and Prof. Alfredo Lagmay (link). His sculpture of the Crucified and Risen Christ is at the center of the UP Church of […]

Re: Grace Poe

The Supreme Court has decided that Grace Poe may run for President. Good. Why? There are three major requirements for running. I interpret their intention as follows:

Age requirement. A person should have the life experience, meaning the maturity, necessary for leading such a complex country. Natural-born citizenship. A person should be rooted in the […]

General McArthur’s debacle

McArthur’s Role in the Philippines Debacle in 1942-3 by Bill in Oz

In 1934 Quezon president elect of the new Commonwealth of the Philippines in Washington, asked Douglas McArthur if the islands could be defended after independence. MacArthur replied “I don’t think so, I know they can defend themselves.” Quezon was reassured and asked McArthur […]

Seguridad ni Duterte

PNP training by Bavarian State police (source: Hanns-Seidel foundation)

Maraming humahanga kay Rodrigo Duterte. Sa totoo lang, marami talaga siyang nagawa sa Davao, hindi mapagkakaila ito. Pero maraming gustong siya ang maging Presidente, para lumaki raw ang seguridad sa Pilipinas. Maraming krimen ngayon sa Pilipinas, maraming takot, at maraming sawang-sawa na. Pero siya ba […]

Manny Pacquiao – Filipino

Manny Pacquiao as the biggest idol the Filipinos have at the moment represents in my opinion the stage of development Filipinos have reached as of now. Why?

He has overcome being a victim – a kid from the slums who made it to the top of his chosen profession by sheer willpower and fighting spirit […]