October 2017
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For me, they aren’t human

said the Kosovar: “I shall go home to kill Serbs”. This was in the late 1990s, and the Kosovar was an old friend I ran into then. Did he really go back to Kosovo, after the Serbs he said had burnt the house he and his brother had built by working in Germany for years? […]

Even Housing Projects

in Germany have trees in them. This struck me looking at the projects occupied by Kadamay. They remind me of refugee camps over here in Germany. Except that refugee camps in Germany are usually container-based and not intended to be permanent settlements. And not intended for locals, while Filipinos are nasty to their own people. […]

On Turning 50

I am half a century old now. I was born in a time where color photography just had begun, the Internet was a military project that had just moved to academe, there were no cassette recorders yet, not to start talking about fax machines, answering machines, digital cameras, webpages or smartphones. Germany was divided, the […]

Writings about Munich: Alter Südfriedhof

The old South Cemetery of Munich is a place that fascinates me. Just a few minutes from where I live a convenient shortcut to the Isar river as well as other parts of town, it is also a place to find peace of mind amidst great names resting in peace. If I am walking […]

Book Review: Hari Kunzru – Memory Palace

From time to time, there will be special articles in this blog that have nothing to do with the Philippines, just stuff I happen to be interested in writing about. Cheers.

Hari Kunzru, a Londoner of Kashmiri and English origin, produced a beautiful illustrated novel called Memory Palace, the accompanying […]