Vitaliano Aguirreis what Marine Le Pen is being investigated for (link). Simply alleging things without proof, like in the Philippines, is not the norm in Europe. The report says “the center-right mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, filed suit against Le Pen for accusing him of associating with Islamist militants in 2015”. In the Philippines, a Justice Secretary can allege similar things about opposition parlamentarians, or a President can tag mayors in drug lists just like that. In Germany, Section 187 Criminal Code says (link):

Whosoever intentionally and knowingly asserts or disseminates an untrue fact related to another person, which may defame him or negatively affect public opinion about him or endanger his creditworthiness shall be liable to imprisonment not exceeding two years or a fine, and, if the act was committed publicly, in a meeting or through dissemination of written materials (section 11(3)) to imprisonment not exceeding five years or a fine.

Law in Germany is understandable not only to lawyers. Therefore I know that my previous article did not violate Section 104 (link) even if some Filipinos saw the use of a tattered flag as a provocation. Only tearing up a real Philippine flag, especially in front of an Embassy, would qualify. Somewhat like in this conservative country, I cannot do what Pussy Riot did in Russia – or Carlos Celdran did in the Philippines – insult ANY religion inside a place of worship. One need not be ignorant of the rules here.

Village gossip

Back to defamation. Of course there is the usual gossip in villages and in parts of town over here in Germany. “She’s a bitch, everyone knows her second kid isn’t from her husband”. “He stole money from the lotto club”. As long as nobody bears witness to such conversations, no prosecutor or judge touches that. And I wonder about people who constantly say bad things about others, how bad they must be inside to bear such ill-will. In fact people of that sort tend to be avoided by the more educated in society.

But stuff about De Lima and Bilibid drugs was in the Facebook feeds of some college-educated Filipinos for years before she was – in my opinion – framed up by Aguirre. Now I am labelling my opinion as an opinion, not as a fact. Not even Aguirre could take me to court under Section 187 if he wanted to – for all I know he might be right! There is a principle in modern societies that is called fairness. Something I guess we had to learn the hard way, after centuries of Inquisitions and witch hunts of all sorts.

Summary justice

The extreme was called Feme (link) by which murders of prominent Jewish politicians in the 1920s were preceded by public defamation of the worst sort. Feme used to be the term for summary courts which could even condemn people in absentia (link). For outlaws killed due to a Vehmic court order, a knife was placed beside the person. Not a gun, and definitely not cardboard or masking/packing tape. That was from the 1200s, mostly in the 1300-1400s, until finally abolished in the times of Napoleon.

In the Philippines, there is a prosecutor making death threats against Vice-President Robredo (link) which is even more than just defamation. Or Sass Sasot who says Carlos Celdran is supporting Leni to get help on his court case (link) just because she thinks it is so, no proof offered whatsoever. The assumption that a President can influence courts, against the separation of powers, is interesting. Isn’t like that on paper in the Philippines. But that Sasot thinks it is possible is very interesting. Hmm.

The Truth

Truth is hard to find out. In the village or in a part of town one knows, one can indeed verify with some horse sense whether the things people are saying are likely. One can then decide to avoid the person – or those spreading the gossip. In a larger context, one cannot be sure. This is why modern laws protect people against vile insinuations. This is why there is such a thing as due process. Even in villages, I wonder how many women were stoned or hanged as witches just because they were not liked by many.

“Perception is only truth to those without deductive reasoning” (link) says not Sherlock Holmes, but Gang Badoy Capati. There are a few representatives of rationality in the Philippines, which has mostly not yet gone through the Enlightenment. A place where some far out arguments pass muster which would elicit amazement even in one of my favorite old TV series, Königlich Bayerisches Amtsgericht or Royal Bavarian District Court (link). So is the fear of an EU rule of law audit (link) understandable?

Irineo B. R. Salazar

München, 16. July 2017



17 thoughts on “Defamation

  1. – Jes Aznar

    22,322 views and counting! Added a note on this post for more context. Enjoy!

    Flushing out an enemy sniper. In the middle of fighting in #Marawi #philippines #photojournalism #mindanao #terror #martiallaw #isis EDIT: NOT A LIVE FEED #latepost

    Note: This is the post that deranged and psychotic internet trolls are all ranting about, claiming it was a live feed–they were not even there to prove their claim–strange. This event happened during the first few days of the conflict in Marawi. Together with the troops, we were pinned down by enemy sniper fire for hours and this scene was the exit maneuver, together with the other video. Hence, we already left the area when the post was made. The soldier on the floor is not a sniper, he is holding a machine gun, and this location was not an even a good sniper position, that’s why we left. But the soldiers fought actively and bravely and they eventually landed on the cover of Time Magazine-a photo which I took. Also posted here on IG. These internet trolls also claim that they are Duterte supporters.

    • I cannot blame the “deranged and psychotic internet trolls” … he should go on sabbatical why the “trolls” thought otherwise. What fed them to think that way. Why? Because the Philippine Fake News is to blame. Filipinos do not trust them … their news …. their take … their analysis.

      What is weird about Filipino fake media is THEY BELIEVE THEY ARE PERFECT and anyone who are against them are TROLLS. (Did they get a copy of Donald Trump books?) Because these FILIPINO FAKE MEDIA totally absolutely unequivally believe that they are PERFECT just like DONALD TRUMP.

      These Filipino fake media cannot look at themselves because from their view THEY ARE ALREADY PERFECT.


    I woke up a couple of days ago with this startling headline:

    Leni Robredo’s daughter arrested on drugs charge in the United States

    At first, the news item seemed legit, having come at first glance from Fox News.

    Still, something felt amiss. Gut-feel (and journalistic training) told me there’s something strange with the way the webpage was laid-out. It wasn’t even remotely similar to the official Fox News website.

    In addition, while the website address (URL) said it was Fox News, the masthead found on the webpage said it was USA News. That alone should’ve raised a number of red flags.

    The URL also seemed odd: My understanding of URLs is that websites cannot have two of exactly the same name. The internet is precise that way.

    So, I checked the Fox News website and there it is: www. No hyphen, no ‘24’ in the address. In the telling of what is true and what is not, these minute details are important.

    So on closer inspection, the headline, website, and story proved false..


    The problem has become widespread, so much so that Sen. Joel Villanueva recently filed a bill—Senate Bill No. 1492, otherwise known as the Anti-Fake News Act of 2017—to combat the spread of fake news.

    The Explanatory Note of the said bill says: “Indeed, the effect of fake news should not be taken lightly. Fake news creates impression and beliefs based on false premises leading to division, misunderstanding and further exacerbating otherwise tenuous relations.”

    To a certain extent, I agree. The proliferation of fake news sows confusion, discord. If I weren’t too skeptical of conspiracy theories, I’d say fake news is the best strategy to divide and conquer an unsuspecting populace. Keep them in the thick of the debate, the arguments.

    To prevent unrest, the ongoing arguments offer the people a chance to let off some steam online. It’s a chance to hurl excrement on each other’s faces while the unscrupulous run off with our millions. Fake news buys the time they need for the heist.

    But that’s me, ever the misanthropist.

    Reading through the document, however, I noticed one thing: the most critical of all prerequisites seem to be absent: a clear-cut, detailed and comprehensive definition of ‘fake news’.

    The closest to a definition the bill offers is this: “To be covered under this Act, such false news or information must cause or tend to cause panic, division, chaos, violence, hate or must exhibit or tend to exhibit a propaganda to blacken or discredit one’s reputation. In addition, the person doing any of the foregoing acts must have full knowledge that such news or information is false, or have reasonable grounds to believe that the same is false.”

    The document explains fake news’ consequences e.g. chaos, violence, hate, while completely disregarding its definition. Without a definitive classification, the term ‘fake news’ will now be open to speculation.

    Who’s to say what is fake and what is not? With government officials in the habit of lying through their teeth, this can put everyone, not only journalists, in jeopardy..


    Should SB 1492 pass into law without a comprehensive definition of what constitutes fake news, then the public is bound to face a bigger problem than what fake news could ever accomplish, and that’s the cutting back of our freedom of expression.

    How? By regulating the media. What better excuse to regulate the media than to force each newspaper, radio and TV station, or news website to register as proof of legitimacy?

    While I am 100% for intelligent journalism or the responsible posting or reposting of news items on social media, alternative truths are to be expected. It’s not a new thing, neither does it have absolute power over consumers of news. Once or twice, perhaps, but as the axiom goes, you cannot fool all the people all the time.

    Of the 1987 Philippine Constitution, it is said:

    Article III, Section 4: “No law shall be passed abridging the freedom of speech, of expression, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances.”..


    (Jamela Aisha Alindogan, on the ground Al Jazeera correspondent in Marawi, is accused without basis by trolls)

    Oh look, trolls spreading lies about me again- accusing me of being the admin of this account. Never even seen or heard of this Wikileaks Pinas before.

    It is so stupid please help me find a new word for stupid.

    (she is being accused of being an admin of an account which posts bad grammer English, very unlike her)

    • (Ed Lingao, TV5 vs. Erwin Tulfo)

      Baka sobrang napagod si Idol sa kanyang “epic” 38 minute rant against me kahapon. Rest ka muna idol, ako naman ngayon.
      But unlike you, I will do it properly. And I will do it right.

      First, I always advise everyone to read. That includes you, dear Idol. Ang iksi na nga ng post ko nung Byernes, hindi mo pa nagawang basahin bago ka mag rant ng 38 minutes? Paano ka naman nag rant laban sa post na hindi mo binasa? Meme ulit?
      Sayang naman ang pagod mo. Sayang din naman ang mga researchers at writers mo.

      Read the post please. You ranted that I asked KBP and TV5 to suspend or fire you? Huh? Which meme did you read that from? Another “transcript?”

      You ranted that I justified/defended the senator’s arguments on how to define rebellion and invasion? Huh? Read again. Maiksi lang yan, kaya mo iyan siguro. Patulong ka sa mga bodyguards mo, para naman sulit ang pasweldo ng taumbayan sa kanila.

      Ang sabi ko, hindi totoo (fake, fake news, mali, umasa sa meme, tamad, ewan) na tinawag niyang epitome (epitomee ang pag pronounce ha, hindi epitowm. Di mo madadaan yan sa slang accent) ng courage and resilience ang Maute group. Anong bahagi dun ang hindi mo maintindihan? Ahhh oo kailangan mong ilihis para maiwasan ang sablay mo? Oo nga naman, kaya ang mga minions mo, kinukulit ako kung bakit ko dinepensahan ang depinisyon ng senador ng rebellion at invasion. Eh pareho kayong hindi mahilig magbasa, banat lang ng banat.

      You argued that you ranted only during the break, and not during the radio program. Read again, kaya mo iyan. Sabi ko, nagsimula ka dun sa programa (putragis, magasawang sampal ang aabutin sa akin, what the f…) at pinatuloy mo sa commercial break. Tapos pag balik mo from break, Engot, putragis, pulpol, etc. Malinaw diba? Basa naman ng kaunti, toy. Ganunpaman, ano man ang palusot mo, nawa’y walang gumaya sa iyo sa mga bata at bagong journo.

      You claimed that you corrected yourself midway through your program, and thus, you are not guilty of spreading fake news. And that the fact that you read the senator’s FB post should absolve you of your brilliant ninja moves.

      Uhm, hijo, naka up pa ang original video ng programa mo. Panoorin mo kaya ulit. You did not correct yourself. In fact, pinanindigan mo pa ang mali mo. Nag apologize ka sa viewers by saying twice na “binawi” ng senador ang sinabi niya.

      Huh? Sinabi mo na binawi ng senador ang sinabi niya? So instead of correcting yourself, you claimed she retracted? And you expected me not to notice that small detail? Sabagay, kung hindi ka naman mahilig magisip at magbasa at magsaliksik, e ganun nga naman talaga ang aasahan mo sa lahat diba?

      Ok dun naman tayo sa mga peripheral issues mo.

      You cry for propriety. Dapat kinausap man lang kita. Huh? You, the epitome (epitomee) of propriety (sarcasm) should be accorded respect! Teka, saan galing ang ideya mo na yan na kailangan kumatok muna ako sa iyo? Ano ka, si God? Kaya nga nababatikos ang media ng mga alagad mo, dahil hindi natin pinupuna ang mali ng isa’t isa. Tayo tayo lang daw ang nag kukuntsabahan at nagtatakipan. Hijo matanda ka na. Mas matagal ka nang reporter kaysa sa akin. 1986 estudyante ako, nasa Malaya ka na. Di ka pa rin natuto?

      Sinabi mo na dilawan at paid journalist ako (Oo napansin ko na minsan, nag iingat ka by saying na “sabi ng iba, bayaran ka…” pero minsan naman hindi ka makapagpigil na sabihing bayaran talaga ako).

      Well, this really gets interesting.

      Una. Hijo, good strategy, By branding me a yellow journalist, hinakot mo na ang lahat ng D30 at BBM supporters para kuyugin ako. Responsable ka talaga, diba? Brave pa!

      Pangalawa, ang patunay mo — tadah! Nung ininterview si candidate Digong sa tv5 last year, nagtanong ako tungkol sa DDS at sa alegasyon ni Trillanes tungkol sa bank accounts. Yun ang mga binanggit mo hijo. Sa totoo lang hindi ko na matandaan yung eksaktong tanong. Pero akala ko journo-kuno ka? Hindi mo ba dapat itanong yung mga pending issues sa subject mo? Ahhh dahil supporter ka. Teka, diba journo ka daw? Good example ito ng confused na tao.

      Tapos, yung interview kay Bongbong Marcos. Sabi mo humihingi ako ng apology kay Marcos nung interview. Uhm, hindi ko ginawa yun. “Panoorin” mo ang transcripts hijo. Mali ang research mo. Ang dali namang icheck yun eh. Sablay ka nanaman.

      Sabi mo sinasabi ko na magnanakaw si Bongbong. Uhm, hindi ko rin sinabi yun hijo. Kaunting hiya naman diyan. Ang tanong ko, at pwede mo ipacheck sa mga bata mo ito, kung paano niya ipapaliwanag ang swiss bank accounts ng pamilya niya na binawi na ng Korte Suprema. Ayun malinaw yun. Palibhasa hindi ako gaya ng ilan diyang mga Idol na mag momodulate at babanat ng mabigat na tanong na “Sir may we have your opinion on the issue of…”

      Paid and bayaran journalist? Seriously hijo, do you want me to head in that direction? Baka matauhan ka. Sa mga trolls mo, ikaw ang Diyos, pero sa maliit na industriya natin, alam ng lahat kung sino ang mga ACDC at sino ang hindi. Hindi ako yung mahilig gumawa ng “eksklusib!” na mga storya na puro mga reklamo ng mga kontratista na natalo sa bidding, at hindi rin ako yung maraming interes sa Customs, among many other interests. Gusto mo ba talagang pagusapan iyan idol?

      Eto pa. Hindi naman daw ako magaling na manunulat o mamahayag, kasi kung magaling talaga ako (gaya ni Idol), aba eh kinuha na akong kolumnista ng malalaking dyaryo o ginawang primetime news anchor ng sikat na estasyon.

      Wrong on so many levels. In fact, this is exactly the perception we try to fight, the thinking that we hope young journalists would disabuse themselves of. This just reveals your appalling mindset.

      Hindi ka magaling kaya ka ginawang anchor o columnist hijo. Magaling ka magbasa, o di kaya ay may following. Any journ student should tell you that is not the same thing. Marami rin sa atin na oncam (hindi lahat), hindi naman talaga journalist. Yung iba, kahit hindi journo, may angking dunong at talino, pero yung iba, magaling lang talaga magbasa. Marami sa mga opinion makers, hindi rin journalists (and rightly so! Pero you are mixing them up) Saan mo naman nakuha ang idea na kaya ka ginawang anchor sa primetime ay dahil ikaw ang kapita pitagang ehemplo ng journalism? Kaya nga ang daming problema sa industriya natin, dahil sa mga ganyang pagiisip na pinagmamalaki mo pa. E kaya ka pala ganyan.

      At nabighani ako sa pahayag mo na di ako marunong magsulat. May Gahd! Sinabihan ako ni Idol na hindi ako marunong magsulat! Siguro dapat din akong gumaya sa iyo, na umaasa sa writer at segment producer para makabuo ng storya, na kahit nasa abroad ay may nagproproduce, nagcocover, at nagsusulat ng script para lang ipa voice over sa iyo sa abroad? Di bale, balang araw, idol, maabot ko rin ang bilang ng followers mo haha

      And lastly, you mentioned the death of my child two or three times in your 38 minute rant. That is plain foul irresponsible and callous and malicious on all levels. Kaya ang iba mong mga trolls, ginamit na peg ang pagkamatay ng anak ko. BRavo, responsable ka talaga at kapita pitagang ehemplo para sa lahat! I would not expect an apology from you for that particular issue, or any of the issues I have raised, because I know you too well. Unfortunately.

      Matindi ka talaga. Ano ito, pakapalan lang ng mukha? Kung yun lang, panalo ka na.

      Oh, and your veiled invite na magpapawis sa gym sa likod? Text lang kita? Hijo, ang hirap sa mga kagaya mo, palibhasa maraming umiiwas, akala nila astig na sila. Sino ang tinakot mo? Hindi kita pag aaksayahan ng load, lalo’t ang laki laki naman ng kinikita mo sa maraming bagay. Kung gusto mo akong puntahan, aba puntahan mo ako, at alam mo kung anong oras ako nandun sa opisina. Pero para klaro, hindi ako ang unang titira. Take a swing if you want hijo, pero hindi ako ang unang titira. Hindi rin ako papatalo. Ang hirap sa mga kagaya mo, pag naubusan na ng brain power, magyayaya mag boxing para magpapawis daw. Subukan mong mag isip, para talagang pawisan ka.



      Part I:

      This would make for a fascinating case study for media students, journalism teachers, corporate and independent media agencies, and media regulatory associations like the KBP.
      A week ago, June 8, a media colleague went on a long radio and FB live rampage against a senator that involved quite a lot of colorful cussing and swearing (he begins warming up at around 32:30, continuing with his cussing on FB live while the radio program went into a commercial gap). The rampage involved a lot of putang ina, sonafabitch, punyeta, lintik, what the fuck, etc The radio/FB live episode is attached. The audio and video have gone off-synch, probably because of the recording codec. But it is the video posted by the radio commentator
      The reason for the tirade? The senator supposedly said that the Maute group should be an inspiration for all of us because they are the epitome of courage and resilience. This was supposedly said during an interview with UNTV.
      The broadcast content in itself should raise a lot of objections from media watchdog groups, since newsmen, and even radio commentators, are not supposed to use foul language no matter how much they disagree with opinions. (Then again, this has been happening for some time) This much is clear in the KBP code of ethics.
      But to complicate things even more, it turns out that the radio anchor was reacting to fake news. Yes, fake news! The anchor insisted that he verified the story after watching (napanood) a transcript of the interview. Since no one really watches transcripts, there is a strong possibility that he saw a fake meme with a fake quote.
      The senator who was the target of his tirade never said that the Maute group was the epitome of courage and resilience. I watched the entire one hour UNTV episode that was supposed to be the reason for the tirade, and nowhere was any support for the Maute indicated by the subject of the tirade. The senator even clearly branded the Maute group as a terrorist organization that should be stamped out, and said she supported the military offensive against the group. Apparently, quite a lot of people fell for many of the fake memes and “quotes” that came out after that interview – colleagues included.
      What the senator wanted to do was raise questions on whether what they did constituted invasion or rebellion. That, in part, was the subject of the radio anchor’s tirade. However, the juiciest cuss words were reserved for her supposed support for the Maute group.
      So the anchor goes on a long tirade, until, at part 40:30, a researcher or production assistant tells him that the senator had reacted on her FB by saying that this was fake news. To this, the anchor tells the viewers that the senator had retracted her statements (“Binawi na raw niya ngayon, sinabi niya na fake news alert”). The anchor slowly puts the brakes on his tirade, although he refuses to apologize or retract, and still takes a jab once in a while and insists that he saw the interview.
      In a later FB post, the radio commentator defends his actions by saying that… well, basahin nalang po ninyo. His post follows:
      “Sa mga nagsasabi na upak tayo ng upak ng wala sa lugar sa mga kumakalat ngayon na FAKE NEWS, ito ang tignan nyo.. Ito yung binabanatan natin nung isang araw mga kapatid. Yes! I saw the fake photo (meme) of Sen. Hontiveros may caption na “what maute group are doing is not rebellion, I believe they are only doing what they think is right…. …We should be inspire of what they are doing, They are the epitome of courage and resilience” .. at talaga namang hindi mo maiiwasang hindi mag-bigay ng reaksyon ukol dito NGUNIT panoorin nyo rin ang buong episode ng programa ko (Punto Asintado – June 8, 2017) kung saan makikita nyo na binasa din po ng inyong lingkod ang facebook post ni Sen. Risa Hontiveros na sinasabi nyang fake ang picture na yon. – Interview of Sen. Hontiveros in UNTV with Daniel Razon – Punto Asintado June 8, 2017 Episode
      Mga tol, mga bes! Wag kasing basta basta nanonood at nagshashare ng mga edited videos na ninanakaw sa ating programa. Walang pinagkaiba yan sa mga FAKE NEWS dahil edited na yan at inangulo na sa gusto nilang paraan ang pahayag ng inyong lingkod.
      Please SHARE mga kapatid!”
      Like I said, this would be a very interesting case study on so many levels – assuming it isn’t being ignored by the many media experts who like to pillory media for being abusado, arogante, inaccurate, unreliable, irresponsible, unapologetic, and biased. Then again, it’s already a week old, and we haven’t heard much of a peep from the usually noisy ones.


      own note:

      (Senator Hontiveros was accused of being pro-Maute when all she said was that they are terrorists not rebels)

    • – Jez Aznar, photographer in Marawi:

      It has come to my attention that there’s this certain RJ Nieto, who is behind the FB page ThinkingPinoy, that is spreading a vile and malicious post against me. The post is a screen grab of my Instagram post in Marawi taken more than three weeks ago, then claiming it as a live feed of a military maneuver. Mr Nieto, while inside the comfort of his home, did not think about looking at the dates of the post but instead maliciously claiming it as happening live.
      The scene depicts soldiers exiting from a position which we were holed in after taking enemy sniper fire for hours. Thus, the troops were not there anymore when the post was made. If one would think logically, putting the soldier’s life in danger in this situation would definitely put me in harm’s way as well.
      Let me remind the gentleman, that these kinds of attacks to the press are outright dangerous. Especially for us who are covering this event and are actually inside the conflict zone. Let me also remind you that the media, fully aware of the dangers involved in covering such conflicts, are there not to be kibitzers but to do a sworn duty to keep the public informed. No more no less.
      I am also not working for the Inquirer, which he claims in his post. I don’t know where he got that. And although my works are published in the New York Times regularly, they are not my employer.
      I would advise the gentleman to retract his attacks and make a public apology or face legal repercussions.
      The instagram post is here

    • Cussing is the norm of Filipinos. That is why former President Obama was taken aback when Duterte said “putang-ina-mo”. When PMayers talk they begin and end their sentence with “puta”. It is normal. Filipinos who doesn’t cuss are Filipinos wanting to be non-Filipino.


      This verbal exchange actually shows the damaging effect fake news/fake social media posts and political partisanship have on almost every aspect of our social life. The Tulfo brothers are known supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte (their sister is a Cabinet member) and Erwin, his brother Ben and Uson and her ka-DDS (diehard Duterte supporters) consider Lingao as “dilawan” or pro-Liberal Party. But before the accusations and counter-accusations erupted, there was the fact that the fake meme on Hontiveros, posted no doubt by a “ka-DDS,” caused this furor. It painted the senator as a supporter of the Maute group. It only would have taken a little digging up to think that Hontiveros would never have said this: “What Maute Group are doing is not rebellion. I believe they are only doing what they think is right. This people has a belief, a convition that pushed them to move forward. Maaring pagod na sila sa mga nangyari sa Lipunan, at least they have the motivation. We should be inspired of what they are doing. They are the epitome of courage and resilience.” Somebody posted that meme and a few variations of it in my Facebook wall and I immediately clicked the “hide” button and the instruction to “see less” the posts of the person who shared it to me. I promised myself that the next time somebody would post a fake news or meme on my Facebook wall I would “unfollow” him or her. Tulfo, though, treated the said post differently, and the unfortunate thing there is that he has a platform where the fakery was passed on to a wide audience. I expect this quarrel to be eventually resolved by the management of the network where the two broadcasters are working. But let this be a lesson even for all journalists, even for the veterans. Fakery and lies abound in social media, some of them peddled as news. We should know how to spot them aron dili ta makuryente.

    • I’ve used “stupid” on Filipinos in one sentence and too qualify Filipino as a race on Philippine Media on anything Filipinos they just do not get it. Instead of changing themselves to upgrade for the better they upgrade their stupidity. I just ran out of words to describe Filipinos. Calling them stupid doesn’t dent their pride at all. Calling them stupid is a badge of honor. I just wish Aisha is not a graduate of U.P. If she did that is bad bad bad.

      As we all know U.P. journalism graduates are at ground zero giving radio listerners and TV viewers a blow-by-blow account of Marawi. U.P.-journalism graduates are telling ISIS-inspired Maute thru “responsible” journlaism where the PNP at every moment. Maute does not need intelligence men all they have to do is listen to the radio …


    • Professional war journalists don’t give live updates or anything that can give live coordinates.

      Jamela Alindogan Caudron, Chiara Zambrano and Jez Aznar I don’t see doing anything of that sort.

      What TP and others are accusing the journalists of is dangerous and Aznar might file charges.

    • All I could say is the soldiers might be in danger in the future, but that is part of the daily risks of being a soldier.

      I would prefer a news blackout, but we all know that is impossible and people want to know what is going on.


      It was not fair of TP, to say they it was a live feed, that was the malicious part that the commenters refuse to acknowledge.

    • Hey, Karl, remember when Donald Trump told Rudy Duterte that he have nuclear subs close to North Korea and China? Pentagon, CIA, and DIA went nuclear because Donald Trump is not supposed to give the location of their subs …

      … but in the Philippines the fake news is just giddy informing Maute the PNPs’ strength, location, what they got up against …

      In America they do not tell the journalists … If ever they tell the journalists … their columnists and talking heads would attack the source of information because they imperil the lives of the military.

    • I agree in the saying that “loose lips sink ships “. This is probably because of a drunk captain telling someone who does not need to know the location of their fleet.

      You maybe correct, but the dangers the journalist are facing must not be ignored as well, true they must give need to know info only, but some may have exceeded on the details of their coverage,but the video in question was not a live feed, that is all.


      The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) on Tuesday condemned blog site Thinking Pinoy and its publisher RJ Nieto for endangering the life of photojournalist Jes Aznar for “unfounded reasons.”

      “We condemn Thinking Pinoy and Mr. Nieto for endangering a journalist, more so on unfounded reasons. We likewise condemn those who threaten our colleague who was simply doing his job,” NUJP said in an issued statement..

  4. In the Philippines people are guilty by:
    1. Bought witnesses
    2. Paid witnesses
    3. Jealous witnesses
    4. Witnesses with an axe to grind
    5. Witnesses that wanted 5 minutes of fame
    6. perception
    7. by relationship
    8. by friendship
    9. by blood lines
    10. by appearing in wedding pictures

    That is how lazy Filipino lawyers are …. that is a show of lazy journalism …. no scientific evidence called forensic evidence …. as in Mike and Gloria Arroyo, no forensic accounting …

    Filipinos are just naturally lazy … just go to their restaurants all their food are prepared food because their cook doesn’t want to fry eggs for you … the eggs are fried at one time and placed in food warmer … and they call it fresh …. I just wonder what their Filipin cooks do the rest of the day when everything is prepared .

    In Vietnam, India, Thailand and other countries except Philippines they cook their food right on the sidewalk ….

    Filipino Food Preparation is a show of Filipino laziness. I wonder who coined the phrase “Filipinos are Industrious people”. That is fake news.

  5. Marie Le Pen, Rodrigo Duterte, Donald Trump and Theresa May are on the same league. But, if we look at the political chronology who started it all is Rodrigo Duterte. Then it snowballed into ultra-right and alternative right.

    Rodrigo Duterte should go down in history as the spark of ultra alt right.

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