Ruins of Igreja do Carmo at 2009-06-15one is tempted to think in these days – especially in the Philippines. Jesus was just a white man, and colonialism is over now! No more lessons from abroad please! And who wants to tempt the joke made by some Filipinos about the American preacher saying: “kapag napunta kayo sa langit, magkakaroon kayo ng mga pakpak” with an American “a” that makes pakpak, wings, sound more like pekpek, pussy? Who wants to go to heaven if it means turning into a pussy? Better be mature: go to hell and have big balls.

To have big balls, swear and have at least two mistresses in the Philippines. Be bad, to use the Afro-American term. Bad is a gangsta type with a sexy bitch by his side, ya feel me? A front seat bitch be like Mocha, or like Lorraine Marie Badoy. Good is for the pusillanimous, whatever that highfalutin word means. Who needs education anyway? Mar has no mistress, inspite of Wharton!

Unless mistress means that Mar is Korina’s servant. Poor guy. That is what you get from being decent, meaning prim and proper. Sitting with your legs crossed is bad for your testicles and your production of testosterone. That decent stuff was what colonialists used to make us pussies, you see? Look at Alvarez. He has two mistresses at least, and a watch Mar Roxas can only dream of. The name of the game is Get Rich or Die Trying. And the more you kill the more respect you get.  That is the one true law.

The other laws can be bent. Nietzsche, who said that God is dead, said that the will to power counts. If he didn’t, well then the will to lie counts even more. Truth is for pussies who are too weak to stick to a good lie. And if you are the strong one, you can drive your car past all waiting, because you can. Everybody is cool with that because you have the money and the power to dispense. Everyone just wants a piece of the action. The bitches and the homeboys. But for now, let them all repent their sins.

Because Filipino forgiveness means that you can do it again, or even more. Unless you are the little guy, the kind who flagellate themselves on the streets. The same kind that you may find dead at times on the streets – with a cardboard sign. Those that Mocha never sees after her nightly shows, so forget them – they are Western fantasies. Or if you fight for the good. For those who are not bad must be hypocrites. God is dead. Mocha and Imee are authentic. Leni Robredo is a phony. Easter Sunday will not come.

Irineo B. R. Salazar, Black Saturday 2017, München