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God is Dead, Let’s Be Bad!

Ruins of Igreja do Carmo at 2009-06-15one is tempted to think in these days – especially in the Philippines. Jesus was just a white man, and colonialism is over now! No more lessons from abroad please! And who wants to tempt the joke made by some Filipinos about the American preacher saying: “kapag napunta kayo sa langit, magkakaroon kayo ng mga pakpak” with an American “a” that makes pakpak, wings, sound more like pekpek, pussy? Who wants to go to heaven if it means turning into a pussy? Better be mature: go to hell and have big balls.

To have big balls, swear and have at least two mistresses in the Philippines. Be bad, to use the Afro-American term. Bad is a gangsta type with a sexy bitch by his side, ya feel me? A front seat bitch be like Mocha, or like Lorraine Marie Badoy. Good is for the pusillanimous, whatever that highfalutin word means. Who needs education anyway? Mar has no mistress, inspite of Wharton!

Unless mistress means that Mar is Korina’s servant. Poor guy. That is what you get from being decent, meaning prim and proper. Sitting with your legs crossed is bad for your testicles and your production of testosterone. That decent stuff was what colonialists used to make us pussies, you see? Look at Alvarez. He has two mistresses at least, and a watch Mar Roxas can only dream of. The name of the game is Get Rich or Die Trying. And the more you kill the more respect you get.  That is the one true law.

The other laws can be bent. Nietzsche, who said that God is dead, said that the will to power counts. If he didn’t, well then the will to lie counts even more. Truth is for pussies who are too weak to stick to a good lie. And if you are the strong one, you can drive your car past all waiting, because you can. Everybody is cool with that because you have the money and the power to dispense. Everyone just wants a piece of the action. The bitches and the homeboys. But for now, let them all repent their sins.

Because Filipino forgiveness means that you can do it again, or even more. Unless you are the little guy, the kind who flagellate themselves on the streets. The same kind that you may find dead at times on the streets – with a cardboard sign. Those that Mocha never sees after her nightly shows, so forget them – they are Western fantasies. Or if you fight for the good. For those who are not bad must be hypocrites. God is dead. Mocha and Imee are authentic. Leni Robredo is a phony. Easter Sunday will not come.

Irineo B. R. Salazar, Black Saturday 2017, München


27 comments to God is Dead, Let’s Be Bad!

  • Edgar Lores

    Radical thoughts on Eastertide. It does seem that the Bad have inherited the earth. The question arises: What does it profit a man to keep his soul but lose his share of the world?

    When faith is lost, no one can provide the answer. Those of you who have Faith and rely on it are fortunate. But, I would venture, all of us have doubts and dark nights of the soul.

    For me, as an introvert and non-believer, I look for answers within myself. What are my tendencies? What makes me happy? When I read a book or watch a movie, what emotions move me? Who do I root for — the hero or the villain?

    Then I do a double-check: Are my tendencies just conditioning? And is it fear that holds me back?

    These are questions one has to answer for one’s self. And the answers are never permanent. So we are constantly questioning and re-affirming… and perhaps even negating. This is what it means to be human.


    The administration of former President Benigno Aquino III may have made gains in fighting corruption, but that doesn’t mean people have much love for the “dilawan.”

    Former Ateneo School of Government dean Tony La Viña on Thursday (April 20) explained why “dilawan” has become a derogatory term after he noted negative comments regarding a photo showing political bigwigs such as former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and President Rodrigo Duterte seated in one table at former President Joseph Estrada’s 80th birthday party.

    La Viña, who currently teaches law at the San Beda College of Law and other schools, said “dilawan” has become associated with self-righteousness.

    He said a cursory look at the photo would show that the personalities vilified by the “dilawan” actually have more supporters than them.

    “You add to them the Grace Poe supporters and you know why dilawan is such a disliked brand. It’s just insane, outright stupid, to say that all of these supporters are anti-reform and corrupt,” he said.

    La Viña said the “dilawans’” self-righteousness is baseless considering that several of the politikos who joined the Liberal Party, the ruling party during the Aquino administration, “who would not pass any integrity or good governance test.”

    For the law professor, those who tolerated the corruption in the Aquino administration are not in a position to judge Arroyo, Estrada and Duterte for supposedly being corrupt.

    A person who does, La Viña said, is “unfortunately blinded” and “will never get why dilawan is a political color that will not recover.”

  • karlgarcia

    NHerrera quited Blaise Pascal on one of his exchanges with Micha.
    No, wonder. NH is a game theory afficionado.

    • karlgarcia

      “Pascal’s Wager is an argument in apologetic philosophy devised by the seventeenth-century French philosopher, mathematician and physicist Blaise Pascal (1623–62).[1] It posits that humans bet with their lives that God either exists or does not.

      Pascal argues that a rational person should live as though God exists and seek to believe in God. If God does actually exist, such a person will have only a finite loss (some pleasures, luxury, etc.), whereas they stand to receive infinite gains (as represented by eternity in Heaven) and avoid infinite losses (eternity in Hell).[2]

      Pascal’s Wager was based on the idea of the Christian God, though similar arguments have occurred in other religious traditions. The original wager was set out in section 233 of Pascal’s posthumously published Pensées (“Thoughts”). These previously unpublished notes were assembled to form an incomplete treatise on Christian apologetics.”

      Historically, Pascal’s Wager was groundbreaking because it charted new territory in probability theory,[3] marked the first formal use of decision theory, and anticipated future philosophies such as existentialism, pragmatism and voluntarism.[4]

  • karlgarcia

    Jesus became a white man because of the Italian models used by Michaelangelo, Da Vinci, etc.

    • Yep, possibly many Filipinos wouldn’t recognize him as Jesus if they saw him cross the street.

      Or if they had been OFWs in the Middle East, they might take him for an Arab, who knows. Modern Jews have a lot of European blood, Jews of that era must have looked more Oriental.

  • Mariano Renato Pacifico

    1st PARAGRAPH. Imagine somebody washes the sheets for us. Request a book to be read and deliver it for us. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. Ding! Ding! Ding! Time to eat! No need to wash the dishes, someone somebody does it for us. They watch TFC all day long. Play basketball. Go sunning. This is HEAVEN! Oh la! la! HEAVEN! No! No! No! This is prison in the U.S. No sex! Healthy foods! Low calorie. Low carb. No MSG. Balanced diet. Free healthcare. THIS IS HEAVEN! No! No! No! This is PRISON IN THE U.S. They can sleep all day long. Yet, they still wanted to escape heaven … errrr ….. PRISON.

    Once Filipinos go to heaven, they would be wanting to escape to a place they can have sex, sleep, wash their dishes and sheets …


    Hell is where we gather around the fire absolutely naked next to Paris Hilton and the Kardashian sisters while holding out big slab of prime cut beef over the fire because nobody cooks for them. Anyone can have sex right in front of their eyes … Paris Hilton … Kardashian Sisters … this is HELL ! Or, could this be heaven?

    Let us take our pick.

    Who are in heaven? Definitely not Marilyn Monroe.

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico

      2nd PARAGRAPH. Mar has no mistresses despite Wharton. Despite Wharton, Mar works as unglamorous Assistant Vice-President which is a dime a dozen in the U.S. and in the Philippines. Assistant Vice-President is simply a decorative exotic position with no say at all. Mistresses? Look, Mar Roxas is a turpe-looking dude. Korina fell for him for a purpose. She wanted to be a Cinderella First Lady in Malacanang Palace with a mean throw of tsinelas. Mar lost, so was she. She lost Malacanang. Mar owes his mother campaign money big time.

      Korina lost to Anderson Cooper. She lost the First Lady presidential bid. Now her husband, Mar Roxas, is in tourist VLogging. To this day, I have not heard of his YouTube channel VLogging.

      Where is Korina? Where is Mar? Where is Mar’s VLog?

    • This reminds me of something someone said – if not for women we would still be in Eden.

      My answer to that was – we would be virgins in heaven, what kind of life is that?

  • – the title focuses on “Robredo having the highest distrust score”, but:

    “Robredo, meanwhile, received a 56-percent trust rating from respondents. While she enjoyed majority trust ratings in almost all geographic areas and socioeconomic groupings, the Vice President recorded the highest distrust rating among the top national officials at 16 percent.”

    I wonder where this is all going, hopefully not to the dogs or to hell.

  • – interesting take on the American Jesuits posted by Vicente Rafael:

    Most of the Americans were pretty disdainful of the Spaniards. The former ridiculed the latter for wearing clerical robes that made them appear like “poor imitations of our own sisters,” instead of dressing “as men” to gain respect of the Filipinos. This masculinist view also informed the governing of student lives. The Americans SJ’s were keen on introducing sports, especially boxing to toughen up the boys. The Spaniards were horrified and balked at this bizarre idea.

    Further, the Americans wanted to institutionalize student organizations and charitable work (along with debating teams). This was their idea of piety: “practical work,” full of “energy and zeal.” By contrast, the Spaniards, they claimed, “favored boys who are not boys at all but sweet pious Girls who go around the house with their eyes down and look of abject submissions…and who of course never take part in the rough games always in favor with real boys.”

    The link to the title is:

    Now I am wondering about this comment of LCPL_X, which indirectly lead to this article, in the context of the American Jesuit experience

    He talked about WWII Japan and Vietnam war, but Chappelle failed to mention or get into the details of Filipino emasculation , via the American presence in the Philippines.

    I think this subject is a big part of your pusillanimity, sonny—– hence the extremes of male behaviours there (though also in many 3rd world countries) , from hyper-macho, ie. renting 6 prostitutes and then announcing 10,000 pesos for the first to grab his pecker (true story, big politician in Cebu, buddy bodyguarded for) to docile/ lady-men .

    Chappelle’s thesis was that Pacquiao was so popular in Asia because he was representing Asian “manhood”; i guess, DU30 represents that now. – my answer:

    It started even before the Americans came…

    Provoked by racism and allegations of effeminacy and childishness, they [Filipino ilustrados in Europe] displayed their manliness and urbanity through fashionable European dress, careful grooming and deportment, and demonstrated their courage and virility through fencing, pistol-shooting, and dueling.

    Just leaving these points here… plus I think the underdog role of Mindanao also plays a role in certain attitudes on display now

    • sonny

      Ah, much to ruminate on, Irineo. All are hot buttons to push. Will first do a dispassionate phenomenology of each one in turn and write about with some cogency.

      American vs Spanish Jesuits – all about their sociology, Visigothic Spanish and American egalite, Filipino animism & Islam & maritime temperament.

      Filipino pusillanimity is more about personal spiritual jihad, Chapelle’s take on Filipino emasculation is narrow, the chauvinism of nativism and the ‘stupidity’ of the immigrant generation, Pacquiao’s id and neoteny; these themes also cover the expatriates of Rizal’s time

      Filipino expendability: 105 million must mature real fast

      • True, all very hot buttons but at the core of today’s malaise.

        Manhood: why are Trillanes and Alejano, who are the closest approximation of the heroic spirit of the Filipino soldier during WW2, hardly admired today – while scalawags are?

        Womanhood: why is a Leni Robredo becoming unpopular now, while a Mocha Uson is very popular among so many people?

        In German there is the saying “bin ich im falschen Film” – “am I in the wrong movie”? Seems like that.

        The migrant generation could be the key – also the generation somehow left behind because their parents work abroad, plus the rapid modernization could have disoriented many.

        As for the gangster-hero type, that was Fernando Poe, Erap a bit as well – in their movie roles. Why has this come to an admiration for a berdugo mentality, without any chivalry?

        • Looking forward to some dispassionate phenomenologies..

          thanks in advance.

          • sonny

            *American vs Spanish Jesuits – all about their sociology, to learn this is a good history of Visigothic Spanish and American egalite is all one needs.
            This is a non-starter. Like asking which is the more manly sport American football or Hispanic soccer. All Jesuits no matter what nationality, come from the same mold – if you’re not the right kind of missionary ‘macho’ you’ll be smoked out. Spanish & American, and now Filipino Jesuits are civilizing Mindanao. The socio-cultural raw material in the missionary recruit may be distinct but they all go through the same Ignatian ‘military’ mold. Dunno, where is the beef?

            *Filipino pusillanimity is more about personal spiritual jihad/struggle to build fortitude and acquire strength of character. When external forces seem to inhibit the individual from doing the right thing this should trigger the internal juices to summon the inner self to action and search for all appropriate sources of strength to do battle against debilitating ignorance, and enlist solidarity with others of like conviction to engage their common enemy and correct/redress the rightful grievances relating to ethics, law and order. Habitual exercise of these civic virtues is what creates & institutionalizes these virtues in both citizens and civic enforcement.

            * Chapelle’s take on Filipino emasculation is not quite clear and seems to involve culture-based image & conduct that is considered manly by convention.

            *The chauvinism of nativists is exhibited primarily in facility in language and idiom. The slowness of comprehension in speech of non-natives is conveniently deemed part of stupidity.

            *Pacquiao’s talent and conditioning in the world of pugilism is hormonal. Muhammad Ali called the Beatles ‘a bunch of sissies.’

            *Fitting into any foreign culture is the necessary exercise for survival. Any immigrant will attest to this including dueling. The Filipino expatriates of Rizal’s time are absolutely no exception.
            *Filipino expendability is not a necessary condition. 105 million Filipinos must mature real fast: learn to live in strong solidarity with each other under law & order, to protect selfishly life, liberty and the pursuit of true happiness.

          • sonny

            Just a postscript on the word for the philologist in us 🙂

            Note: pusillanimity (from Merriam-Webster’s THIRD INT’L DICTIONARY, Unabridged, 1981)

            Etymology: pusillus (very small) + animus (soul, mind, spirit)
            From the Latin “pusus” – small child, diminutive deg. – “pusillus”
            Pusillanimous, adj – lacking or showing a lack of courage and manly strength and resolution: marked by mean-spirited and contemptible timidity

          • * Jesuits: yes, after all they were important for the Counter-Reformation. The Church’s decadence during the time of Martin Luther helped fuel the Reformation. There are interesting books now about how the Rome and Martin Luther saw each other. Luther and his group saw those in Rome as decadent, hypocritical and effete – while those in Rome saw Luther and his group as uncouth Germans, even Saxons like Luther himself. Seems there is always that dialectic between civilization and “barbarians”. Whenever civilized groups become weak and negligent, “barbarians” see their opportunity. The present situation in the Philippines may need a kind of Counter-Reformation – Magdalo people are a good sign.

            * Pacquiao and Ali – yes, there is a boxer-specific language. There are lingos specific to certain milieus. Just as sportsmen (for example footballers American or European) have their rough kind of lingo. There is a difference though between the boisterous lingo of men among themselves and the “sala ula” lingo of many Duterte followers. What I find strange is why so few see that. And one thing too violence is something that true pros (policemen, soldiers, even security people) use JUDICIOUSLY, meaning sparingly. Those who cheer unnecessary violence are IMHO weak, pros that go berserk are not pros, and leaders who advocate injudicious use of violence are crazy, because it can always spiral out of control. There are enough examples.

            * fitting into a foreign culture can have its battles but also its many lessons. In fact a major lesson can be the reverse culture shock of return. You realize many things that you did not notice as a fish in water. What I see as still missing is the language for Filipinos to communicate their experiences. They take a lot with them, but it is not a verbose culture. Rizal was verbose, but that was an exception. I try to use the FB page of this blog to share VIDEOS of foreign lands – Filipinos are mostly very visual.

            * finding allies for civic action is an issue in the Philippines. There is some civic society in the post-1986 middle class. There is an angry uncivic society among the supporters of Duterte. I have to re-read Vicente Rafael’s “Motherless Tongues” and probably also Ileto’s books on Pasyon and Revolution. The spirit of the 1898 revolution – “masaya talaga”, the crowd feeling during EDSA Dos, the anger of EDSA Tres with its motto “nandito na kami, maghanda kayo” – Rafael- Ricartistas, Sakdalistas etc. – Ileto..

            * expendability – my article “Staying Alive”, written just after the mall shooting in Munich, is about social solidarity that helps a society as a whole stay alive. Well, supporters of Duterte will argue that killing dealers helps the rest survive 🙁

            * pusilanimous – pusila (Visayan for shoot) and animus (soul) – trigger-happy person, especially Tokhang cops. FYI new article with some revelations:

  • Christ has Risen! Happy Easter to Manong Sonny, Karl and of course all commenters and readers..

    and as today is also Orthodox Easter (usually it is a different date) – Χριστός ανέστη and христосъ воскресе!

    • sonny

      Never a redundant greeting and well-wishing: Happy Easter again, Irineo. 🙂 (I can make out the Greek and I can’t the Cyrillic (?).

  • sonny

    Must also talk on moral renewal (starts w/me) Easter season, Filipino flavor. Good Friday services (liturgical prayers for the world) reminded me on this. Happy Easter for now, everyone!! HE is risen, alleluia!

    Thanks, Irineo.

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