Initial wish list by Group 1 (7914621310)By Karl Garcia

I have a wish list of what I wish to happen in terms of policies and legislation. Some I already mentioned and will just summarize.

For legislation of course some high profile bills like FOI, Anti-Dynasty, SSS pension hike, Magna Carta For the Poor, New Criminal Code, BBL, decriminalization of libel, etc.

I also hope within the criminal code includes community service in lieu of prison time such as the one I mentioned in my previous article (link).

Here is an article about the Criminal Code.

Also in the magna carta for the poor, I hope they remove the unviable portions like the costly housing programs, if not propose a funding mechanism for it. Also I hope the CCT will be institutionalized in this bill.

The BBL will hopefully be passed. With reviewing the BBL since the presumptive president supports federalism, I am sure Federalism will be discussed.

That means charter change, but before federalism, an anti dynasty law must be passed so no new local “kingdoms” will be established.

Parliamentary form might also be considered, but before we do this, we must have professional civil servants, so that in an unlikely scenario where a Prime minister gets a vote of no confidence every six months the government would not shut down.

The economic provisions of allowing foreigners to own land must be scrutinized, because of the past deals we have with China to lease vast tracts of land.—envoy

And in the past Duterte mentioned leasing of islands to the Chinese.

Thanks to Karl Garcia for this article!

Irineo B. R. Salazar, München, 16 May 2016