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Insulting People’s Intelligence

Ronald dela Rosa 073116 (cropped)seems to be a Filipino specialty. Remember Rolando Galman? He was also conveniently dead. Or Mayor Espinosa? “Fought back” when being arrested – inside his cell. Now the gunman at the Resorts World Manila is dead after.. what: getting shot, shooting himself, burning himself – in what order and which of the options are true? Somehow hard to believe he wanted to steal only chips. And how did he get into a casino with a “Baby Armalite”? In Manila where even malls are guarded by security?

The motto of this blog is “the first duty of a man is to think for himself” – something the Cuban Jose Marti said. He was Jose Rizal’s contemporary. Somehow I don’t remember Jose Rizal having written anything similar. Bonifacio much less – he seems to have been the traditional Filipino kuya or elder brother, took over the father role early. I don’t think traditional Filipino families promote much independent thought. What elders say is truth, questioning their opinion is like questioning their authority.

So you see a lot of people repeating the arguments of “Tatay Digong”, “Ate Mocha” – and occasionally even SolGen Calida. Often things brought forth are total nonsense. But from the family onwards through the authoritarian school system, Filipinos are not trained to really think for themselves. Asking WHY is the first step in learning. Unfortunately there are so many who see WHY as questioning not a specific conclusion, but the person being asked and his judgement. They know no “polite inquiry”.

The problem of police killings may indeed be less bad as assumed by the opposition. But the attitude of the administration – brushing away all inquiry, refusing to clarify what really happened – leaves the field to the critics and increases possible suspicion. In fact the pissed-off attitude of President Aquino when inquiries came about Mamasapano also made those who did not like him more suspicious. But putting oneself in the other person’s shoes is even more un-Filipino than inquiry. So forget it.

Not having to confront inquiry also makes those in leadership succumb to lazy thinking – a natural reflex we all have, but I have seen how persistent inquiry keeps you on your toes and prevents you from making the usual simplistic assumptions. Genuine inquiry leads to sharper thinking, especially if one has good sparring partners. This is why I hope that Filipinos continue asking questions – and media helps piece the puzzle of Resorts World Manila together. Hopefully before a stupid Senate hearing starts.

Irineo B. R. Salazar

München, 2. June 2017


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    MANILA, Philippines – A suspect in the rape-slay of an eight-year-old girl in Jaen, Nueva Ecija allegedly killed himself after grabbing the gun of one of his police escorts at the Philippine National Police (PNP) headquarters at Camp Crame in Quezon City on Tuesday night.

    Larry Herrera, 50, who was in handcuffs, was about to be moved to the detention cell of the PNP Anti-Kidnapping Group (AKG) on the building’s second floor when he allegedly grabbed the 9mm pistol of Police Officer 3 Felix Parafina and shot himself…

  • Questions that remain for me, even after the clarifications made:

    1. Why blue jeans in one foto, then black pants in another?
    2. Why does the CCTV video not have a timestamp on it?
    3. Why did he know where the chips were, as a mere player?
    4. Why was nobody able to stop him in the time he was there?
    5. Why were people not fully evacuated, so some suffocated?

    • (JoeAm’s summary)

      The joint briefing yesterday (RWM, PNP, PFD) reviewed the videos in detail. Many skeptics wondered why no video? Because it took time to go over them and put together the outtakes. The video showed the narrative as good as a commercial flick. The robber shot into doors to keep security people away. One dramatic scene showed a security guy peeking around a corner and scurrying for cover as the armed robber came into view. The security guy had no flak vest. Another shot showed the bleeding robber staring a few moments into the camera. His face wound was highlighted by the RWM official. The robber was finished, getting weak. He could have shot the camera, but seemed to have given up. He shot into the door lock to enter a 5th floor room, came back to the hall and lit a fire on the rug. He was moving slow. In the next scene, the PNP arrived in force, looked at the charred room, and lowered their weapons. Forensic tests and back-tracking from taxi driver will come next, as well as an assessment of security and response routines. It takes time to do these things. Some speculations are at the bounds of insanity (how do we know the body is the robber?). Forensics. I suggest “chill”.


      From Reuters, just now:


      The lone gunman behind Friday’s deadly attack on a casino in the Philippine capital has been identified as Jessie Carlos Javier, a 42-year old Filipino, police said.

      “We have finally established the identity of the perpetrator,” Oscar Albayalde, chief of the capital’s police office, told a media briefing on Sunday.

      “He is heavily indebted due to being hooked on casino gambling, according to his immediate family,” Abayalde said, reiterating the attack was not a terrorist act.

      The casino’s CCTV showed the gunman firing shots at the ceiling and setting gaming tables ablaze. At least 36 people died.

      • Mariano Renato Pacifico

        How do they know the body belongs to the shooter not one of the guests? Without the benefit of forensics, Filipinos can know right away and blurt it out to ignorant Philippine Press and Philippine Press ignorantly obliged.

        Without forensics, Chief of the Capital Police Office, have determined it belongs to Jessie Carlos Javier while the three Muslims at London Bridge still have to be identified to this day … but in the Philippines they can know right away. AWESOME! GENIUS! Or, is it IGNORANCE WHEN TO RELEASE THE IDENTITY AND WHY LATER?

        He was also heavily indebted according to immediate family. Witness accounts. No basis in fact. But when it is typewritten, notarized, stamped and delivered … it becomes Affidavit … and Affidavit in the Philippines is proof of evidence and incontrovertible that cannot be questioned.

        Perp identified. Motive established. 32 dead. Many wounded. Army of typists ready to take dictation for notarization to be turned into evidence. Every body happy. Everybody entertained.

        CASE CLOSED. I JUST LOVE FILIPINOS BRILLIANCE. Let me qualify, the brilliance of U.P.-journalism graduates and PMA-graduates of their investigative intelligence.

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico

      Lesson learned:
      1. Never buy or live in Condominiums in the Philippnes. When there is fire, they become smoked tinapa.
      2. Condos have no emergency evacuation exercises.
      3. Always book a room at the 2nd room facing the street because Filipino Fire Department’s ladder can only reach 2nd floor.
      4. When there is active shooter, shelter in place. Break open the windows if possible. Jump! Provided you are in the 2nd floor
      5. When in Philippine Hotels, always know where staircase and exits are at all time.
      6. Remember, Philippine Hotels and condominiums in the Philippines their emergency exits are not properly marked, or, THEY ARE NOT MARKED AT ALL !
      7. If trapped, whip out your rosary and pray. I bet those 32 dead prayed so hard in their lives that even God did not respond. Hope God will help them get their insurance money which is very unlikely.

  • karlgarcia

    Their answers lead to more questions, so the inquiry continues.

    Concerning forensics, that takes time, so sometimes it is not avoiding, but waiting for the right answers. That is better than instant answers that leads to more questions.

    Am I wrong there MRP?

    • A big picture is necessary, composed of many small pictures put together PROPERLY and as COMPLETELY as possible.

      That takes a certain amount of time and professionalism, which I hope they will have, otherwise we may never fully know.

      • karlgarcia

        Rember the daang makulit?

      • Mariano Renato Pacifico

        Martial Law in the south.
        Marwan City occupied.
        Marwan City under siege by government forces.
        Resort World attacked.
        32 dead. Many wounded.

        PSEI STOCK UP !

        This goes to show the foreign investors do not trust Philippine Press news reports. This is an indication that news reports are broken faked news reports.

        As what they always say in stock investing, when there is instability, cash-in and leave. But they are not. Foreign investors are laughing. They know better. Philippine Press do not.

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico

      Forensics can be had right then and there at the crime scenes. They can check for ballistics, trajectory, entry and exit wounds and DNA (for Marwan they have to send the dirty finger to Los Angeles FBI field office because Obama did not trust U.P. “scientists” doing DNA). While we are at it on Marwan, Obama asked FBI if a person dies missing a finger. FBI checked Japan’s crime&punishment where they cut fingers of thieves they report back to Obama, “No, Sir, Marwan is not dead missing his finger”. So, Obama told Benigno Aquino, “show me the body and I will show you the money” The PMAyers never found Marwan. Because Marwan’s cohort at the time of the encounter they had lightning REINFORCEMENTS that beat any batallions of bemedaled PMAyers. That is why to this day, 50 Matute took Marawi City. Despite their numbers PMA-led Navy, Army, Marines & fly-by trigger happy PAF PMA pilots never routed 50 Matutes. Because they are afraid of INSTANT LIGHTNING REINFORCEMENTS of Matute. They do not want to become another SAF44.

      Forensic evidence can be instantaenous … forensic accounting is more daunting because it requires brainpower.

  • Mariano Renato Pacifico

    Here is the rub, actually they speak, talk and write without really insulting people’s intelligence because it is already second nature them like reverse racism in the Philippines they cannot know they are discriminating their own until they go to foreign land and gets discriminated.

    The Philippine Press also insult Filipino’s “intelligence” without knowing it because they have been doing that for a long time. I am not saying Philippine Press is intelligent, absolutely they are not.

    TWO DAYS AGO, Philippine Press insulted me, NOT THE FILIPINOS, by covering the war in Marawi blow-by-blow telegraphing to the enemies PNPs position: where they are at, type of cannons they have, that they are armed with Vietnam-era M16 and vintage WWII garand rifles while PMAyers stand erect spic-and-span bristling with AR15 with all bling bling nightscope etcetera …

    I JUST LOVE PHILIPPINE PRESS. So do I love PNP for allowing these ignorant UP-journalism graduates to televise their “strategic positions”. I can tell right away Filipinos watching the TV did not flinch or squirm with the reporting. I WAS. Because my intelligence was insulted but Filipinos intelligence are not, whatever left of their intelligence.

    To this day, pseudo-intellectual Rappler has not submitted their dissertation on my one big question that still bothers me to this day: “If U.P., Ateneo, la Salle & San Carlos law & journalism textbooks are authored by Americans, why you Filipinos rely on typewritten notarized sealed affidavits as evidence than forensic evidence and forensic accounting like Americans should?” NO ANSWER FROM RAPPLER

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico

      I WAS ALSO INTENTIONALLY INSULTED, when I read a report from Inquirer (yes, I do read Philippine newspaper for entertainment purposes only) that PNP & AFP & PAF are using … listen to this …. aha! ha! ha! …. PRECISION BOMB !!!

      WoW !!! Their bombs do not have GPS. Their bombs are not laser-guided. THEIR BOMBS ARE GRAVITY BOMBS !!!

      I am totally insulted.

      TO THIS DAY, I have not received any response from pseudo-intellectual U.P.-journalism graduates why people from Marawi crossed the seas to Cebu City to flee than take a bus to eastern Mindanao to flee or Cagayan de Oro or Davao City. That i have been badgering them about it.

      As we all know, Muslims spells trouble like anywhere else in the world. They do not assimilate. They have that victim syndrome. They believe their religion is superior. And there is no other religion other than their. If there is another religion they are their enemies. And they should be fed and housed.

      There is only one place in the world the Muslims cannot fight back and afraid of. They are in China. Muslims know Chinese because Chinese thinks like Muslims. NO HUMAN RIGHTS! If Muslims do not respect human rights, CHINESE KNOWS BETTER NOT TO.

      • Precision bombs is indeed nonsense… but I have not heard of any Muslims fleeing to Cebu. Most are in Iligan, some are in CDO. Hardly any in Davao at all.

        There are confirmed stories of Muslims protecting Christians in Marawi – against terrorists. This is in contrast to the usual idea some people have of them.

          • Mariano Renato Pacifico

            “Rescuers walked several kilometers through barricades of the Maute group to reach safety, as soldiers provided cover fire.” – ABS-CBN

            Something is not right with this report like all their reports is just incredible. Backgrounder, PMA-led PNP went to Marawi to arrest somebody. Immediately. Instantaneously, in no time at all Maute reinforced like Marwan-instant-reinforcements while PMAyers in Manila are smoking cigars looking at stragic maps on how to respond.

            How many Mautes? 50 Mautes. It took 50 Mautes to take sprawling Marawi City! So, PMA-led PNP went to Marawi. Rescued 144 civilians. Went thru barricades again u nder cover of firepower. So, 50 Mautes are spread thin. Many of them manning barricades … so exactly, ABS-CBN, how many left in Marawi? Let me count the ways, Marwan and his cohorts possibly.

            ABS-CBN and the rest of Philippine Press just do not know how to ask questions. They are fooling the fooled Filipinos and fooled them some more.

            50 Mautes. Spread thin. Took Marawi City by force. While hundreds of thousands of PNP led by “seasoned” PMAyers and Martial Law under their belt still cannot retake Marwani? I bet after all of this is over, there are no Maute prisoners-of-war.

            Then … investigation … Senate investigation …. Congressional investigation …. NBI investigation … conspiracies … and like SAF44 … nothing will come out of this.

            Filipinos should outsource the government. Most especially the Philippine Press who are run by U.P.-graduates-that-cannot-analyze.

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