Community Service Work Detail for 35th District Court Northville MichiganBy Karl Garcia

Ever since I saw guest blogs from Bill in Oz and Sonny, I also wanted to submit a guest blog for the Filipino-German Learning Center. This is not about history, but of various topics that Irineo has already reviewed and some topics I wanted to be reviewed.

Our justice system

I have long proposed those that can be settled in the barangay not to reach the court.

The justice on wheels program (link) try to reduce all the court backlogs, and most cases they just settle it, not monetary amicable settlement, just amicably so it would be all over.

We have jail cells full of minors and even without the minors they are still jam packed like sardines. I won’t touch on our maximum security prisons full of jail house rockers, maybe later.

I suggest more Boys and Girls towns. And it is about time to charge the parents.

Children sniffing solvent, children throwing rocks at windshields, children jumping on roofs of jeepneys. Something has to be done (link).

Community service

Now on community service instead of jail time (link) – I can see that this is already done. This will solve our dirty streets and esteros, and some are solving our reforestation requirements.

You don’t have to commit a crime to do community service. Some fraternities and sororities are planting trees. Of course our NGOs are doing the same.

Crime in our country is hard to solve, but with the measures mentioned above can contribute much, not only on petty crime,b ut environmental and community problems as well.

Recycling and gasification

Since I mentioned environment, might as well go on with my issues. Our laws do not allow any incineration. (link)

What do our dear environmentalist senators propose to do with our garbage dumps – recycle everything?

Man in our house we have trash that is decades old – maybe a bit exaggerated, but sooner or later when you do a general cleaning you throw stuff anyways.

What if everyone went zero waste, that would make hoarders, not recyclers. Same with the macro situation, you reuse, repurpose or simply recycle, in the end you throw them out.

You got to allow at least plasma gasification (link). Recycling and repurposing is still done. Kudos to envirotech (link) and envirocycle (link).

Thanks to Karl Garcia for this article!

Irineo B. R. Salazar, München, 11 April 2016.