Smart and Strong

Bongbong Marcoshave a different meaning for some Filipinos. Sandra Cam might be seen as smart and Antonio Contreras as strong. Devious and thick-faced Bongbong Marcos as both. Ethics of people who I think don’t believe in fairness, civility or honesty – possibly because they have never seen much of it in their lives. “Those who have known hunger have a scar, and may behave as if they are hungry all their lives” is wisdom I have heard from someone who knows the school of hard knocks. Makes me think of how Imelda wore just hand-me-downs in her youth, being from the poor branch of a mestizo clan. One wonders to what extent the attitudes from a scar can be passed to children. I don’t see the Binay kids behaving as desperately, eternally hungry as their boodle-fighting father. “Take what you can, give nothing back” is what they say to each other in Pirates of the Carribean. Wonder how much of the attitudes of some Filipinos date back to times of galleon trade and forced labor in the barangays.

A different Philippines already had been taking shape. Modern jobs and opportunities had come, showing that you just have to perform at work to get somewhere. Whether it was in BPO outfits or in factories run by foreigners. The old Philippines of ass-kissing towards higher ups and pushing down those below was disappearing. Seems those left behind, or those who simply wanted a bigger piece of the cake more quickly, have won this time. They may yet kill the goose that lays their golden eggs. There was always a conflict between the old, rent-seeking Philippines and the modern, liberal Philippines – I think from the moment the first ports opened for free trade in the 19th century, European migrants came in with the first modern factories, and even America started to trade with the newly opened colony – long before colonial ambitions were even in its mind.

In the rent-seeking, old Philippines, you earn your place by loyalty to certain powers that be. Whether you are Mocha Uson or Thinking Pinoy. Others in turn will have the chance to earn a place at your table and benefit from your largesse. Or even ride in your helicopter, like the one Mocha Uson recently took from Manila to Clark. Nobody really questions that. You may even hear things like – why are you so envious? People get their luck in life! Those who share their “luck” like Binay did are seen as “good”. Only those who don’t are considered “bad”. But why are people so mad at hard-working professionals or successful businessmen, and not at corrupt politicians or crooks? Well, it seems to me that those who build their affluence by design are considered greedy! Makes sense if you think all businesses are rent-seeking and all good jobs are gotten by ass-kissing. And that even good education is just a designer label that you can buy because you have money. That what you learn there is just empty words.

Oh well, maybe they are right. Possibly we are just slaves over here in the West, condemned to learn things properly and then work long hours and not even have maids or houseboys at home. Maybe the Philippines will take off, with a hierarchy that is even more pyramidal than in the Gulf States, as soon as Bongbong Marcos is Vice President. Even if it is 99.99% likely that he isn’t, who cares about the truth in the Philippines today? Perhaps we are fools over here in the West, telling the truth even to those minions that don’t deserve to be told the truth. 30 days of vacation even for ordinary workers. Who do they think they are? Fast public transport. Who needs that? Mochau Uson can take the helicopter, those two rungs below her can wang-wang, I have heard it is back. Sure, there will be a lot of people that protest in case Vice President Robredo is removed, which I think is nearly certain. But will it have an effect? Possibly some provoked violence, then nationwide Martial Law and arrests.

And the quiet rest of Filipinos? To them, what Rizal said in El Filibusterismo via the character of the native priest Padre Florentino will most probably continue to be true: “as long as we see our countrymen feel privately ashamed, hearing the growl of their rebelling and protesting conscience, while in public they keep silent and even join the oppressor in mocking the oppressed; as long as we see them wrapping themselves up in their selfishness and praising with forced smiles the most despicable acts, begging with their eyes for a share of the booty, why give them independence?”…”if the slaves of today will be the tyrants of tomorrow”. To spare their families, they will acquiesce – or even collaborate so that their families are just one rung higher on Jacob’s ladder. This is a principle that rulers of Filipinos have exploited for so very long. Even a relatively simple-minded man without his father’s intelligence – yes I mean Bongbong Marcos – knows that. And this time, he might make sure things stay that way.

Irineo B. R. Salazar
München, 13 July 2017

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    With apologies to our leaders whom we burden with expectations to stand for truth, follow the law, respect our rights, fight for justice, and even suffer through the same realities us common folk endure.

    But it has gotten to the point that there is pride in entitlement and braggadocio in lying. Filipinos are mocked and demonized for fighting for human rights, for demanding accountability and transparency in government, while those who deny and twist the words of the Constitution fist-bump you on Facebook after embarrassing their own staff and alma mater.

    For the record, again: There are two alternative facts currently at play not because they have not been debunked, but simply because the government playbook calls for just ignoring all expectations for decency and reason.

    The first lie: The Philippines is already a narco-state.

    The second: Due process, rule of law, and human rights are optional if we are to fight the imagined state under Lie No. 1.

    A war on drugs – justified, justifiable, and inarguably necessary – has lost moral ascendancy because it is needlessly propped up by exaggerated figures. No less than the head of the Dangerous Drugs Board had politely pointed this out. The President’s response? Just fire the guy with the data. You fool: The exaggeration is not there to strengthen the drug war, but to rationalize a lazy and reckless insistence to exempt police from the shackles of rules and professionalism. There is a six-month deadline that has already lapsed, after all.

    Meanwhile, as evidence mounts that police have indeed abused all assurance of pardon, politicians have ganged up on the Commission on Human Rights and the very notion of human rights. Both are foreign concepts, apparently, impositions on our sovereign right to make a mess of our own laws. Get rid of them, and we will be free to shoot first and ask questions later – and destroy all opposition while we are it.

    We are hitting new lows. President Duterte takes his cue from a troll army led by officials on taxpayers’ account, and now proudly admits to having peddled fake news to slander an enemy. (How is this not abuse of office?) The President behaves as if he is immune from all accountability from slander for as long as he admits everything and will not apologize for anything anyway.

    Today Filipinos have been brought to exhaustion not by debate, but a deliberate, thick-faced attitude to just ignore all good reason. President Duterte said: By all means, make September 21 a National Day of Protest. Just don’t expect anyone to listen. Government offers no pillar to lean on, just a wall you can talk to.

    And still, of course, we oblige. Regrettably, we protest. Not because we want to. The truth is, on this day and every day, true citizens would rather be supporting the arts, celebrating each others’ pride and triumphs, extolling heroes and heroism. Honestly: We would rather be planting trees, cleaning up our shorelines, teaching our children, improving our schools, growing our businesses, eliminating red tape, generating jobs. Helping government. Fighting crime, even. Let us help to fight crime. Peksman, we would rather join the war against drugs.

    We’d like to help build bridges, bike lanes, sidewalks, improve mobility for ourselves and for our congressmen. And yet here we are, reduced to whining about human rights, forced to just implore our leaders to please, please respect the rule of law.

    How grotesque is that?

    But speaking of traffic…

    It can now take anywhere from two to four hours to traverse any 10-kilometer stretch on EDSA or C5. It can take Filipino workers one to two hours just to enter an MRT station. Rain or shine, millions of Filipinos are funneled onto non-existent sidewalks, non-existent roofs shielding them from the very real elements, running risk of falling into open manholes, or getting side-swiped by buses and trucks pushed hard by overworked drivers who were themselves hours late in getting out of bursting ports, and who will be hours late to the markets and establishments that will be raising prices for commodities for the dinners running cold or in fact going unserved in homes all over our cities. Their children will have to fend for themselves – maybe call for delivery that now offers no guaranteed times – to refuel for their own 5 a.m. wakeup the next day, for their own trudgery that daily inches along to more of the same, while crawling a gauntlet defined by crime on the left and tokhang on the right.

    It is from all this shit that Majority Leader Rep. Rudy Farinas demands exemption. Speaking on behalf of a Congress that, on top of everything and everyone they have failed, would strip of us of every guarantee and protection for our rights, Farinas said traffic enforcers should simply get out of congressmen’s way whenever Congress is in session. That’s a VIP pass – nine months in a year – to wang-wang on the wrong lane, or, indeed, run over the already beat up road users overflowing onto the roads that road-user taxes somehow never improve. Let the Speaker surrender erring legislators to the police over after the session, Farinas said, but before then, their work is too crucial to bother even with a kababayan spread-eagled and potentially paralyzed – but alive! – on the street.

    This is not just arrogant entitlement. It is privilege that has the gall to portray itself as a necessary evil – the privileged having the temerity to cast themselves as fellow victims. When our leaders’ police escorts run you off the road, it is because they are burdened to rush to vote to, say, cut the budget of the Commission on Human Rights to P1,000, because, wouldn’t you know it, it is our misinformed valuing of our rights that is actually holding us back. Imagine how much our police can accomplish, how many contracts we can clear, how much we can spend on bridges and roads and services, if we would let go of the propaganda we had bought into, that for all of these we have the right to demand for transparency, accountability, and equal access to justice.

    We are living in a narco state. Human rights is a foreign imposition. No, it is not guaranteed in our Constitution. Only pedophiles will say such a thing. And only the treasonous would demand transparency and accountability.

    Misinformation is one thing. Disinformation is another. One can be a mistake, an honest one at that. The other is almost always a crime. You can theorize the first for whatever people believe, but clearly our leaders are guilty of the second.

    Jon Snow said: “When enough people make false promises words stop meaning anything, and then there are no more answers – only better and better lies.” Filipinos aren’t even contending with better lies, because our leaders don’t even see the need to mask their intentions.

    Where truth is an inconvenience and human rights outright declared an enemy, lies are no longer even the weapon of choice. By now a thick face is all our politicians need, because really, what will exhausted Filipinos have the strength to still do?


      ..Mr. Duterte’s allies in the government, his die-hard supporters and well-rewarded propagandists — the cogs in his political machinery — have been revved up to great momentum. Their drive to quash opposition has been taken up with a righteous zeal that may outpace even the president.

      The recent murder of 17-year-old Kian Delos Santos fits a pattern we’ve seen repeatedly for more than a year. Closed-circuit television footage, witnesses and an autopsy all testify to police culpability. Yet in the days following the public release of this evidence, Mr. Duterte’s most vocal supporters joined the police in casting the victim as a drug runner and his father and uncle as dealers. Even the secretary of justice stonewalled against calls for investigation, wielding the usual excuses that the killing was “collateral damage” and “isolated” while blaming the media for “blowing it out of proportion.”

      Public attention soon shifted to a Senate investigation into how more than a ton of crystal meth, worth more than $125 million, was fast-tracked through Philippine customs in a shipment from China. One witness provided text messages that seemed to link members of the president’s family to the operation. He later retracted his testimony and apologized to the Dutertes, but only after, as one senator noted, his protective custody was withdrawn.

      When the president’s son finally testified in a hearing, senators faithful to the president did not so much question him as try to shut down the interrogations by their colleagues from the opposition. Newspapers and social media circles loyal to the administration continue to castigate the opposition for alleged corruption and plotting to overthrow the government.

      This is unsurprising. Various political players with their own agendas have found it expedient to remove any obstacles to Mr. Duterte’s rule..


    ‘GOODTIME’. First heard the word “goodtime,” when I was kid. It had a simple connotation. During those days, goodtime referred to a night of fun and worldly pleasure, which included going to the nightclubs or any other night spots, enjoying the company of the fairer sex, or having drinks, particularly wine. It connoted a bacchanalian lifestyle, a bent for hedonistic living. It is valid; it still has the same connotation.

    But today, its meaning has somehow broadened. When somebody takes another person for a ride, or manipulates him for some unknown, evil, or even humorous objectives, it is goodtime. When a person of power says one thing but takes it back and says something different, it’s goodtime.

    A netizen has complained that what the current occupant of Malacanang who has been doing to the Filipino people is a form of goodtime. He says something, but takes it back because it’s only a joke. It’s also an adjective. “Mukhang na-goodtime tayo,” a netizen said in raising concern that what that this Malacanang occupant has been saying is a blatant abuse of the people’s goodwill.


    MANILA – The Duterte administration plans to abolish the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG), the agency tasked with recovering the billions of dollars plundered by late dictator Ferdinand Marcos and his allies, a cabinet member said Wednesday.

    The announcement was the latest development in the remarkable political rehabilitation of the Marcos clan, which has accelerated since family ally Duterte became president last year.

    “They don’t do anything. What do they do?” Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno said.

    The PCGG was set up three decades ago, just after a bloodless “People Power” revolt toppled Marcos, to recover the estimated $10 billion looted by the dictator and his allies during his 20 years in power which were marked by massive corruption and abuse.

    The agency has since recovered 170 billion pesos or about $3.4 billion in ill-gotten wealth as well as jewelry, art and other assets.

    But it is still working to find millions more, including 200 pieces of art by masters like Michelangelo and Picasso, alleged to have been purchased by the Marcos family..


    MANILA, Philippines — Beijing on Tuesday vowed to provide assistance to Filipino fishermen in near future after imposing its annual fishing ban in the disputed South China Sea.

    Earlier this year, China issued its annual moratorium on commercial fishing in the Yellow/Bohai Seas, East China Sea and the South China Sea which include the Scarborough Shoal, the Paracel Islands and the Gulf of Tonkin.

    In his official visit to Manila, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that Beijing is committed to contribute to the livelihood of the Filipino people.

    “In order to help Philippine fishermen increase production and improve their livelihood in the near future, China will provide 100,000 young Lapu-Lapu fish to fishermen of Palawan region,” Wang told reporters in Manila.

    Wang was on a two-day official visit to Manila upon the invitation of Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano..

  5. ARE FILIPINOS STRONG? Let’s count the ways they are not …
    1. 350 years under Spain … they revolt … they lost
    2. 50 years under American … they revolt … they lost again
    3. 5 years under Japan … they revolt … they lost big time
    4. 20 years under Marcos … they revolt … they won somewhat …
    5. Now, they want to be under Marcos again … Marcos won !!! Almost … Maybe … after the re-count and counter-recount.

  6. Former despot ex-dictator President Ferdinand Marcos son BongBong Marcos is SMART. IS SMART. HE IS SMART. WISE. YES, HE IS WISE. EXTREMELY WISE ! Nope! I am not backing away from my statement. You people are going to hate me for stating lies and falsehood. Hold that fist. Let me continue.

    The Filipinos pronounce “WISE” like this, “WA-IS” ! Now, I see your fist has softened up. Good.

    Vice-President Contender and Loser Bong Bong Marcos is WA-iS !!! Using the word Wa-is is somewhat an offense. Derogatory. Wa-iS should not be used to characterized a Filipino because it is bad ! It is offensive. An insult. It has the same meaning of WISE. WISE is an adjective to describe a person of highest-esteem. WA-is are those that characterize a SMART Filipino who are corrupt and never get caught or get caught but still able to wiggle out of the mess.

    WA-is is in the same category as Pilosopo. Pilosopo is an insult and offensive. Pilosopo is literal translation of Philosopher. Philosopher as a word can only be used to describe a person of academic pedigree. Pilosopo are those Filipinos who apply the tenet of Philosophy so they can get away of their crookeries.

    SMART-WISE-WA-is-PHILOSOPHY-PILOSOPO …. If used in English, GOOD. If it is in Filipino NOT GOOD.

    • U.P. graduates are not brilliant.
      1. They have law books made-and-authored in America but cannot know how to apply it. They still rely and addicted to affidavits as their evidence which 1stWorld countries consider as weak. EXTREMELY WEAK FORM OF EVIDENCE. Affidavits to them is their clue where to start-off their investigation prior to prosecution.
      2. They make so much noise in public of their investigation and prosecution the 1stWorld wouldn’t even dare. You must have known when New York Times published terrorist link in London carnage a month ago London Bobbies were upset because it jeopardizes their investigation and prosecution.
      3. The U.P. graduate addiction to SCIENCE. No, not that SCIENCE! POLITICAL SCIENCE ! They can analyze politics like SCIENCE but cannot analyze REAL SCIENCE: Forensic Science !!!
      4. They can quote the bible verses and all but cannot know how to apply it just like their American Law textbooks
      5. They still blame jeepney drives of traffic gridlock. Not knowing there are just too many vehicles in Metro Manila. Even if there were no jeepneys and buses all private vehicles there will still be gridlocks. In the U.S. freeways have no jeepneys buses but still gridlocked. We widened our freeways to accomodate one thousand more cars and one thousand more people drives …
      still gridlocked
      6. All Philippine news is all about POLITICS !!! Because this is the only SCIENCE they can understand: POLITICAL SCIENCE
      7. CNN criticize Fox News … Fox News Criticize all News outlet … NOT HAPPENING IN THE PHILIPPINES that is why they never grow and mature
      8. Philippine Fake News promote that Brown-is-Ugly Mestizo-colonist-look-is-handsome. Everytime Filipinos look at themselves in the mirror they LOSE THEIR PATRIOTISM. They wanted to line up before Vicky Belo to change their skin tones and nose. Everytime Manny Pacquiao fights, Jinkee sports a different face. Because she hates her original face. Regardless how she retouch her face her children still looks like combination of Manny Pacquiao+Jinkee unless they marry a white foreigner
      9. U.P. hate Filipino language. English is their lingua franca. Because English got class and exudes “intelligence” and “education” if it were why is English-challenged neighboring country of theirs are better off economically and mentally than English-snob Philippines
      10. In Battle for Mindanao they cannot hit their targets. Marwan had instant .. INSTANT REINFORCEMENTS that routed SAF44 who used their personal cellphones to communicate in combat.

      There are so many wrong in the Philippines. Wrongs that can be fixed but Filipinos would rather be in the wrong side KASI WALA NANG MAGIGING PAGKA-RIZAL. MAKAHIHIYA MAG PAKA-RIZAL.

  7. Filipinos are not smart.
    Filipinos are not strong.

    Filipinos have been under tutelage of 1stWorld medieval Spain.
    Filipinos have been under custody by Americans.
    Filipinos have been under Japan.

    Philippines was the first country liberated by Americans in 1945 on top of being humanely colonized for 50 years. HUMANELY, FOLKS! Their foreign exchange was in parity with the U.S. as dictated by Americans. Their educational, judicial and form of government copied and patterned after Americans.

    Compared to ….

    Vietnam, defeated the Americans in 1972
    South Korea, after late 1950s Korean wr
    Japan, wiped out in 1945 by Americans
    China & Taiwan from the ashes of Cultural revolution in early 1960s
    Thailand, Burma, Cambodia ….

    Where is English-Snob Philippines now compared to English-challenged neighboring countries that was recently liberated of their own making? Who is smart now? Who is strong?

    Let us step back … turn around and look at Philippines. Is it because of the leadership they elected? Or is it the electorates that elected a corrupt leadership?

    Ask any Filipinos they do not blame themselves. They blame the leadership that they elected. What made them elect these leaderhsip? WHAT MADE THEM? Of course, The Philippine Fake News. Thru Philippine Fake News they elect.

  8. If Filipino intelligence is represented by their Philippine Media …. it is safe to say Filipinos lack intelligence compared to English-challenged neighboring countries of theirs. Filipinos look at Philippine Media as “brilliant” and “intelligent” profession. That is how THEY see it. I DO NOT. Here is latest news from Cebu. Cebu is an island in the middle of the Philippines. Cebu is the 2nd economic engine of the Philippines next to Manila. A 13-year-old girl was pecked and peppered with hickeys. SHE WAS RAPED. Allegedly by a lawyer-anchor of their local fake news radio. One fake media columnist said in her fake column that the radio-media personality is not charged yet because THE FAMILY have not filed charges yet !!!!

    WoW!!!!!! INCREDIBLE INTELLIGENCE !!!! Unless intelligence is cultural-based, then, THE COLUMNISTS are INTELLIGENT based on culture !!!!!

    A 13 year old was sexually abused. The Family are poor. DSWD is supposed to protect the children. But DSWD is not filing. Because. The Family is not pursuing the charges. HUH? BRILLIANT !!!!!!


    This is the Philippines. Bo ho ho ho ho !!!!


    Former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. was elated by the decision of the Supreme Court (SC), sitting as Presidential Electoral Tribunal, to allow the counting of votes for vice president in three pilot provinces — Camarines Sur, Iloilo, and Negros Oriental..

    ..On Tuesday, the high court said the ballot boxes will be stored at the gymnasium of the SC and Court of Appeals in Manila. It will also be the venue for the recount..

    • $100M of $500M is in e-screw because it got a catch provided “The funds can be released to the Philippine Government if Marcos’s widow, Imelda, is convicted of obtaining the funds illegally.”

      Unfortunately Imelda wasn’t isn’t convicted and still in Manila’s social circuit, therefore, $100M is still screwed to this day.

      Imee has her own designer bag
      Imelda still out and about
      Bongbong is a senator and future Vice-President

      So, no $100M. Pseudo-on-line News run by Filipinos must be tired of following up the progress. If ever they do, in Rappler’s fashion, they bombard the readers with swarms of scanned documents so the readers can come up with opinion of their own because Rappler analysts cannot.

      Their editorial board analyze their punctuations, sentence structures and word usage than analyze if what anlytics they are about to publish is worthy to be published at all.

    • That was the info that I had – the Swiss wanted to see a conviction in the Philippines. This is exactly what never happened, and since the Swiss go by rule of law there is nothing they can do.

      An overview of the entire recovery process, highlights and failures, would be a huge job.

      Something for the caliber of chemrock, whose Bangladesh heist and BPI articles were excellent – that is indeed the level of analysis of a Singaporean banker, with a mind as sharp as a knife.

    • Bring Chemrock over here. Chemrock knows how to count. I was wowed by his Bangaldesh heist not only from A-to-Z it included 1-to-10 !


      ..”Rules of comity should not be made to prevail over our Constitution and we cannot allow foreign impositions to trample upon our sovereignty,” the ruling said.

      The Hawaii court, said the CA, failed to prove that the 10 Filipino citizens who initiated MDL 840 were legally authorized by the other claimants of the case.

      “In the absence, therefore, of such authority, the final judgment rendered by said court is not binding because the right to due process of all the unnamed claimants, as well as the herein respondent estate, had been violated.”

      The CA added that the case should not have been brought as a class suit since there is “no common question of law and fact [that] exists between or among the claimants.” The claimants were classified under 3 subclasses – torture, summary execution, and forced disappearance.

      Involving around 10,000 Martial Law victims, the Hawaii class suit was considered the first successful case filed against the late dictator. The judgment was rendered on February 3, 1995, granting the petitioners $1.964 billion in damages.

    • “The Hawaii court, said the CA, failed to prove that the 10 Filipino citizens who initiated MDL 840 were legally authorized by the other claimants of the case.”

      OUCH !!! Who the CA think where they are? Philippines? This is United States of America in the State of Hawaii. American institutions representing the aggrieved do not initiate MDL840 like in the Philippines. CA cannot prove so does Rappler. Rappler in their defense would feign ignorance because they are Filipinos despite some bloggers claim that Rappler have good analytics. NOPE! Not me. THEM. Rappler are analytics as good as it gets for FILIPINOS only.

      So, these Filipinos filed class action suit like Wells Fargo applying credit cards of their customers without their customers knowing about it. Wells Fargo is the 3rd largest bank in the U.S. They were fined. Fined big time. Their CEO stepped down … NO, NOT STEPPED DOWN, F-I-R-E-D !!!

      But this is the Philippines, those who filed class action suit in behalf of the aggrieved will never step down nor fired because, like what I said, THIS IS THE PHILIPPINES and they are likely graduates from UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES.

      I wonder what else is new.

      That is why they offered State Witness status to that PDAF bagwoman who was already in the U.S. because if they did not they have to ask the U.S. government to extradite her. Before the U.S. government extradite her the Philippine Government has to have a strong evidence … FORENSIC EVIDENCE …. FORENSIC ACCOUNTING …. ASIDE FROM JEALOUS ENG-GET AFFIANT OF AFFIDAVITS ….

      Americans do not believe in Affidavits. Affidavits in the U.S. can be notarized by a high-school drop-out who graduated 6-week Notarial course from Community Colleges. In the Philippines it takes 5 years in High-school, 5 years in Political science, 5 years in law school and topping the bar for them to TYPE, NOTARIZE, STAMP AND SIGN AFFIDAVITS.

      AFFIDAVITS ARE WEAK FORM OF EVIDENCE because the affiant may likely be:
      1. Eng-get
      2. Jealous
      3. Axe to grind
      4. 5 minute of fortune and fame
      5. Or, simply to make the accused life miserable

    • Todate, $658M that was transferred by Swiss to PNB in e-screw has not been released to this day because … “…the Swiss says, “it was on the condition that the human rights victims are compensated.” (The Swiss instructed the Philippine Government what to do with THEIR money). “Aquino signed into law the Human Rights Victim Reparation and Recognition Act of 2013 on Feb. 25 last year, but its implementing rules and regulations cannot be formulated without a claims board.”

      No implenting rules and regulations no release. On top of that PCGG is “battling the claimants”.


      To follow that princples, HALF-A-BILLION is still languishing in Limbo.

      Swiss are smart. Swiss knew that Filipinos would not be able to claim the HALF-A-BILLION PLUNDERED MONEY because it will all boil down to controversies, implementations of regulations which has not been seen in writing todate.


    • My latest info – directly from the FB pages of some human rights claimants – is that some months ago they finally got their compensation. If this is full or only partial, I don’t know.

    • Here are what is wrong with Philippine Fake News … and so-called Philippine Commission on “Good” Government
      1. Nobody is aggregating information how much they have spent to recover U.P.-graduate bar-top-notcher Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos wealth: Luxury hotels, exorbitant salaries, fine wines, 1stclass plane fare and accomodations, etceteras
      2. For each millions how long it takes to recover …
      3. Why Swiss and Singapore takes a long time to release the money …
      4. Of course, Swiss and Singaporeans do not rely on some looney typewritten notarized sealed affidavits … they need more than that
      5. Why these U.P.-lawyers of PCGG wave reams and reams of affidavits and why they are addicted to it and the reason of its heavy reliance which 1stworld countries consider it weak form of evidence
      6. Why Swiss and Singapore not taking seriously the affidavits
      7. Why PCGG is not outsourcing their investigative works to big boys of 1stWorld
      8. Why PCGG is trusting their Filipino “lawyerly intelligence” instead of hiring bright mature Attorneys from Switzerland and Singapore. Swiss and Singaporeans knows better about their banking laws than these kindergartnerish U.P.-graduate lawyers. They have to study Swiss and Singaporean banking laws for another 10 years to pry the money off the swiss and singapore
      9. All fake news of PCGG conquests are published by ignorant Philippine Fake Journalists that cannot know what the people wanted to know and how the news are to be presented
      10. Ignorant Philippine Fake Journalists are more concerned about perfection of their English-their-second-language to make it appear it is their English-is-their-first-language than perfectly sending the message to Filipino people

      To this day NO FILIPINOS know the Return-of-Investments of their luxury expenditures. No COA reports. Nothing.

    • P170 billion all in all recovered from 1986 to 2015, according to the newspaper article – that is around 3.3 billion $ or 2.9 billion €. How much, I wonder, is still NOT recovered as of now. Are there estimates?

    • P170,000,000,000.00 is USD$3,400,000,000.00 at Php50-to-USD$. According to Fake Philippine News, U.P.-Graduate bar-top-notcher-in-history former President Ferdinand Marcos stole couple of Billions. This is an estimate. Since they hate Marcos the estimate is likely overstated because Fake Philippine News loves overstatement.

      Close to USD$700,000,000.00 surrendered by Swiss to be e-screwed in PNB.
      Balikbayan full of devalued Philippine Currency carted to Hawaii with the help of American choppers.
      Matisse, Picasso, Michaelangelo, Salvador Dali…
      Yamashita Gold ingots …
      2,000 pair of shoes …

      Philippine Fake News better get their numbers right. Else, PCGG must have over-recovered. How did they divvied up the recoveries and collections? Did PNB released the e-screw to the government? Or, would this be another Litigation of the Century?

      Do Filipinos really know how to count? Considering math genius and gurus are graduates from U.P.?

    • The Romanians simply confiscated everything that the Ceaucescus were assumed to own. Nico Ceaucescu who is of similar age to Bongbong had to go to court to prove that one of the paintings confiscated was really his. The details of how that was done legally I am not aware of.

  10. “But why are people so mad at hard-working professionals or successful businessmen, and not at corrupt politicians or crooks?”

    BECAUSE, Filipinos are so used to politicians or crooks getting away since the day when these 7,100 islands were Christined “Las Islas Felipinas” and Americanized to “Philippines” to present day Pilipinas a Filipinized name of Philippines. Regardless a variety of name change Filipinos cannot get over their criminal minds.

    Pilipinos so used to politicians and crooks getting away …so… Pilipinos wanted soft targets the hard-working professionals and successful businessmen including OFWs.

    The U.P.-lawyers are “tired” of running after U.P.-graduate Ferdinand Marcos wealth. Those who wanted to because they wanted free travel and board&lodging to Zurich in the name of getting Marcos wealth back.

    The Good Government has spent more on luxury hotels and 1stclass planefares than what was recovered. What is INCREDIBLE is Philippine Government did not investigate Bongbong where he got his campaign money. The Philippine Fake News accused Bongbong of well-FUNDED campaign but the Philippine Fake News nor the Philippine Government never investigated where the money is coming from. NO FORENSIC ACCOUNTING !!!

    Because nobody came out with typewritten notarized sealed Affidavits. FORENSIC ACCOUNTING is math which Filipinos are not known of that is why their scientists are few and far between compared to Chinese.

    • “criminal minds” some call that kind of attitude “praktikal”. As if it were the only practical way to stay alive. Is doing things right impractical in the Philippines?

      Maybe it is. Those who fight corruption and impunity are often left alone – even by their own allies. I think of De Lima here, Trillanes a little, because he has Magdalo.

      “getting Marcos wealth back.” the Swiss required a local court decision. Unfortunately Philippine courts in the 90s decided FOR Imelda. Karl, you have any sources on that?

      “NO FORENSIC ACCOUNTING !!!” shows how Philippine bank secrecy makes that nearly impossible to implement.

      Since 1955, and only controlled since late 90s due to FATF warnings – more because the country is afraid to lose its international trade in case of blacklisting I think.

      If you have such secrecy, decided by the ruling class, since over 60 years, expect very few to be clean. Some newcomers maybe, and the very old money probably as well.

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