May 2018
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25 people died

due to crystal meth last year in the Free State of Bavaria where I live. The police here didn’t shoot them, although they once helped the Philippine National Police (link) professionalize. A program that is suspended now – good as I don’t like my taxes helping Tokhang. Some Filipino hardliners might say, yeah yeah, Germans […]

Atio Castillo died

on Sept. 17, 2017, probably because of hazing. The details make me angry in their sheer perversion (link) and as Justice Secretary Aguirre himself does not want the details of the affidavit upon which the article is based made public, I am reprinting it as a comment after this article. Why so bad? It isn’t […]

Nobody Personally Knows

how many addicts the Philippines has. Did President Duterte recently say “My Name is Nobody”? No, he just said “you do not contradict your own government” (link) and fired the head of the Dangerous Drugs Board for saying 1.8 million instead of Duterte’s 4 million.

Nobody knows the basis for Duterte’s 4 million. The number […]

Tratong alipin ba

ang talagang hinahanap ng Pilipino? Galing kay Sandra Cam (link), sa Kongresista (link), sa Senado (link), sa Presidente (link) o kaya kahit sa pampook na opisyal (link)? Sa huling nakalink, nakakatakot pa talaga ang konklusiyon ni Manolo Quezon: The most troubling about Arturo Lascañas is that he must surely be only one of many hitmen […]

Usapan na matino

ang kailangan ng Pilipinas ngayon, hindi na iyong drama na nakakasawa na at nakakalito pati. Malaking bansa ang Pilipinas, kaya imposibleng malaman ng Presidente o ng kahit sino ang talagang nangyayari sa buong bansa. Merong mga narereport na pulis na gumagamit sa gyera laban sa droga para mangkotong (link) – kaya kailangang alamin kung saan […]

In Operation Archimedes

“law enforcement authorities from 34 countries, coordinated and supported by Europol from its headquarters in The Hague… targeted organised crime groups and their infrastructures across the European Union (EU) in a series of actions in hundreds of locations, with the cooperation of Eurojust, Frontex and Interpol.” (link) – strangely enough, I hardly noticed anything in […]