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Philippine History Part V – Ngayon. Duterte’s First Quarter

1/4 of 6 years term, has now passed. Much has happened in many areas – for better or worse. Nothing has stayed the same in the Philippines, and I doubt it will go back to how it was before. Whether this is good, bad or just plain ugly will be something history will decide. Let […]

Pagmamata at Inggit

sa tingin ko ang madalas na dahilan para sa maraming problema ng Pilipinas. Wala namang lipunang pantay-pantay, kahit sa Scandinavia may mababa at mataas na tao kahit hindi agad ito nakikita. Pero mukhang sa Pilipinas tatapakan ka talaga kapag mas mababa ang tingin sa iyo, at pahahamakin ka ng mga naiingit kung mayabang ang tingin […]

Philippine History Part V – Ngayon. Manila still stands

but the Philippines has expanded. Aguinaldo’s Cavite was still province. A President from Mindanao and a Vice-President from Bikol are now seated. Where is this all going? Let us ask Nicolo Macchiavelli or better a short summary (link) of his main book, the Prince, which in the original is a rambling and difficult read:

The […]

Philippine History Part IV – Teleserye. Edsa Traffic – 2010-2016.

President Benigno Simeon Aquino III was elected in 2010. I was not particularly impressed by him from the beginning. Also because the media understated his achievements and overstated his mistakes. There are a number of things that come to mind. Social media postings made the round among my Facebook friends about:

the Hongkong bus massacre […]

Philippine History Part IV – Teleserye. I’m Sorry – 2004-2010.

The second episode of the teleserye part of Philippine history that I see starts with President Arroyo deciding to run again after she said she would not. She won the elections and her rival for the Presidency, Fernando Poe Jr., an actor and friend of Erap, died in December 2004 – but the Hello Garci […]

Philippine History Part IV – Teleserye. Edsa again – 1998-2004.

It becomes hard to piece together the big picture of Philippine history from 1998 onward objectively, so I have decided to be subjective and tell it like I see it as of now – like a teleserye.

Everybody is invited to put in their own picture as a comment, their own observations of these times […]

1896 and 2016

are strangely similar. Economically, politically, socially. Mark Twain said history does not repeat itself – but it rhymes.

Economic progress

The late 19th century was a time of economic progress. Things looked very much like today with booming business (link):

In 1870, for instance, a national telegraphic service was set up. In 1873, a shipping […]

The Commonwealth Army – Part I – Beginnings

by Sonny

with excerpts from the book “The Commonwealth Army” by Professor Ricardo Trota Jose

“… an army which like the eagle, exuded confidence and security while suffering, behind its proud mien, a multitude of perplexing problems. War reached the Philippines before all the problems could be identified and addressed …”

Antecedent Chronology

Independence missions […]

Seven Filipino Generations

Around seven generations have passed since the idea of the Philippine nation got started. During the times the Spanish East Indies were ruled from Mexico which was until the early 19th century, there was no real idea of the Philippines except as an archipelago, and even then the first to be called Filipinos were Spaniards […]

General McArthur returns

MacArthur’s ‘Liberation’ of the Philippines

by Bill In Oz

Most of us are ‘gifted’ with 20/20 hindsight !! We can look back on the past and see what others did wrong or poorly, because we now ‘know’ far more information than was available in the past. It is easy to do the same with MacArthur’s […]

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