February 2018
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General McArthur returns

MacArthur’s ‘Liberation’ of the Philippines

by Bill In Oz

Most of us are ‘gifted’ with 20/20 hindsight !! We can look back on the past and see what others did wrong or poorly, because we now ‘know’ far more information than was available in the past. It is easy to do the same with MacArthur’s […]

McArthur in Australia

McArthur in Australia 1942-44

By Bill In Oz

Some Australian Background

At the start of 1941 Australia was still a ‘dominion‘ within the British empire. One of 4 such British dominions at the time : Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and Australia. They were all self governing with their own parliaments and laws but still […]

General McArthur leaves

McArthur goes to Australia

by Bill In Oz

McArthur in his public communiques from Corregidor in January/February 1942 announced that he would stay at Corregidor in the Philippines and share the fate of his troops. But in late February Roosevelt ordered him to leave and go to Australia. In March 1942, he was instructed to […]

General McArthur’s debacle

McArthur’s Role in the Philippines Debacle in 1942-3 by Bill in Oz

In 1934 Quezon president elect of the new Commonwealth of the Philippines in Washington, asked Douglas McArthur if the islands could be defended after independence. MacArthur replied “I don’t think so, I know they can defend themselves.” Quezon was reassured and asked McArthur […]