December 2017
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A stable country

necessitates stable institutions, first and foremost. Then it needs stable politics. If politics are like in the Philippines, winner-take-all and leave nothing for those outside one’s group, there can never be enough trust to be able to work together. Germany is able to have varying coalitions of colors not because all parties are basically the […]

Stop Fooling Yourselves

or continue to if you want! Only addicts and pushers die in Philippine streets. Paolo Duterte’s tattoo is nobody’s business. And who cares about the massive shabu shipment just lost in Customs? If ever, it is probably just a destabilization plot by the “yellows”, a group nearly like the Illuminati!

Liberals – barely there

Sarcasm […]

Quo Vadis, Mindanao?

is the question – especially who will benefit from the extension of Martial Law? Marawi residents and refugees in the area seem not happy with martial law. There are ideas of IDs for Muslims which are highly discriminatory, even downright insulting. Lumads continue to allege military harrassment, some are unhappy now that they voted for […]

Hanggang Pier Lang

ang mararating sa pagbubuhat ng sariling bangko – sabay paninira sa iba. Dahil walang magbabago sa ganyan. Walang tren o riles o elektrisidad ng MRT na maaayos. Walang mahihirap na mabibigyan ng hanapbuhay at pag-asa sa buhay. At hindi rin aasenso ang isang administrasyon na umaasa sa proyektong nasimulan ng iba. Buti pa si Presidente […]

The Beautiful Philippines

holds the Miss Universe finals tomorrow, and may think it has won back the world’s good graces. Yet one of the suspects in the slaying of a Korean businessman simply slipped away and is at large now (link).

More than ever before, the Philippines exudes an air of untrustworthiness, and a lot of things come […]

Much wishful thinking

pervades Philippine politics: from De Quiros’ well-known “Aragorn” for Aquino or Tiglao’s recent prediction of A.D. and B.D. – After and Before Duterte in Philippine history (link). Oh how much do Filipinos wish for miracles, much like the legendary Bernardo Carpio of colonial times, the king tied up in the mountains only waiting to awake! […]

The Big Picture

still evades me after 1 1/2 years of observing the Philippines and writing about it. True, more and more is coming out. Good, bad and ugly. True, false and in between. Everybody believes what they want to believe. There is the recent testimony of alleged former assassin Matobato in the Senate. There is the House […]

Rizal at kalabaw

puwede raw ipalit ang puwesto sa Luneta, sabi ni Freddie Aguilar. Disappointed ako kay dating idol. Bakit hindi rin ipagpalit si Bonifacio sa isang kambing, doon sa Monumento? Sa bagay, sabi ng mga iilang nasyonalistang Pilipino na hindi raw tunay na bayani si Rizal, si Bonifacio lang. Sabi pa nga ng isang Pilipino teacher namin, […]

The national team

of Austria has Nigerian-Filipino David Alaba in it. He is also a star player for Bayern München – my favorite team. Commenter Mariano Renato Pacifico might say, he will never be an Azkal. Only white mestizos make it there, mestizos who don’t really represent the Philippines. But in general one may ask the question – […]

A common denominator

is what Filipinos must find now. The people that voted both Duterte and Robredo into power. There are deep divisions in Philippine society. Duterte has gone against the bishops, while church bells in Naga rang for Leni Robredo last night. Let us look at some possible groups that voted for different combinations of President and […]

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