October 2017
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Insulting People’s Intelligence

seems to be a Filipino specialty. Remember Rolando Galman? He was also conveniently dead. Or Mayor Espinosa? “Fought back” when being arrested – inside his cell. Now the gunman at the Resorts World Manila is dead after.. what: getting shot, shooting himself, burning himself – in what order and which of the options are true? […]

Studying its villains

may have brought Germany much further than the Philippines studying its heroes, buried or not. Are those unworthy of emulation – “huwag tularan” – more important in teaching national lessons? The Philippine cult of heroes always was suspect to me. During martial law, it was suspected that some supposed leftists were mere agents provocateurs to […]

A telling statement

was made by President Duterte recently: “if I reach six years, you’re all dead” with reference to his perceived enemies (link). Sounds like a zero-sum player, and one of the most extreme kind it could be. He mentions that he is not new to “these kinds of intrigue in office, starting with his more than […]

Pro- and Anti-

suffixed with Marcos, Aquino, Duterte, America, China. They bug me. They also bug some Filipinos who say: we should all be pro-Filipino and pro-Philippines instead. That is better, but what does that exactly mean? Who is included and excluded, and what is the Philippines in the first place? I think every Filipino and every […]

Condolences to Davao

for yesterday’s attacks. I know how it feels, as a resident of Munich which was also in the grip of a tragedy exactly six weeks before with 10 dead in a highly frequented public place, also on a Friday. The sense of vulnerability and the question – why, what for? What also struck me was […]

Lügen wie gedruckt

or “lying like printed” is an old German expression from the time after Gutenberg invented the movable-type printing press in 1450 – it means totally twisting a story. A still oral culture, except for the few monks and merchants who knew how to read and write, distrusted the printed word. After all, it is easier […]

Who needs heroes?

The Philippines is full of heroes that are revered. Germany where I live still reveres great men like Goethe and Schiller, among others, but the word hero is not used. There was a great villain once.

There is a relatively boring Chemistry Ph.D. – Dr. Angela Merkel, recently given the crown of “Woman of the […]

Of Philippine Divides

In colonial times there was only one divide, and it was clear who was on what side of it. Those on the advantaged side had nearly everything and those on the disadvantaged side nearly nothing in terms of:

education power money

My previous article about entitlement and helplessness is about people on both sides of […]

Bahala ang Pilipinas

sa magiging resulta ng botohan. Akong nasa abroad nag-oobserba lamang at nagbibigay ng mungkahi. Tignan natin ang huling survey.

Unahin ko ang Senado dahil sila ang mga mambabatas. Ayon sa Wikipedia heto ang mga Senador na matutuloy sa pagsisilbi hanggang 2019 (link):

Sonny Angara Bam Aquino Nancy Binay Alan Peter Cayetano (tumatakbo rin para maging […]

Kaharian ng Kababalaghan

o misteryo yata ang Pilipinas. Tignan ang nangyaring magic tungkol sa Bangko Sentral ng Bangladesh. May napakagaling na artikulo ang isang taga-Singapore tungkol dito (link – basahin sana!) – Pero hindi lang iyon.

Napakahigpit ng Bank Secrecy sa Pilipinas mula pa noong 1955 tapos mula pa noong 1974 hindi puwedeng tignan ang mga foreign currency […]

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