December 2017
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Dengvaxia until 2015

looks clearer to me now, after my first article (link), the Senate hearing (link) and more research. After the 2012 SONA where President Aquino mentioned initial successes in dengue prevention, there were newspaper articles which mentioned a rise in dengue (link), doubting its success. What I wonder is if the increased spread of dengue is […]

Speaker Barry Roque

was served as lechon in Balintawak by the KFF on Human Rights Day 2018. “He was a pig, not human”, said the Punong Tagpaghusga of the Kalookan Freedom Fighters in Filipino. “sabi niya tutulungan niya kaming mga mahihirap samantalang ang dami sa aming mga pinapatay nila.”. “Bakit naman nila sinasabing mga terorista tayo, kung pinagtatanggol […]

So much Imbecility

is exhausting. Wanda Teo’s tourism charts. Bilibid boys threatening to recant. Alvarez’ wife saying he became a Manobo. Certainly he was always a bobo. His Senate counterpart Pimentel is just as much of an asshole, but I think he isn’t as stupid. Touché for Atty. Mandy Anderson. Kudos to the new culture of directness in […]

A comfortable life

is what President Duterte promised in his first SONA (link). I would not want a comfortable life. I like the way my life is now – with its efforts and its rewards, but not comfortable. Someone who is comfortable is in my book depending too much on others, either as patrons or as servants. Getting […]

The Commonwealth Army – Part I – Beginnings

by Sonny

with excerpts from the book “The Commonwealth Army” by Professor Ricardo Trota Jose

“… an army which like the eagle, exuded confidence and security while suffering, behind its proud mien, a multitude of perplexing problems. War reached the Philippines before all the problems could be identified and addressed …”

Antecedent Chronology

Independence missions […]

About Philippine Priorities

This is about a comment about Filipino priorities by Singaporean banker chempo at Joe America’s blog. It has made me seriously ask: what priorities does the Philippines have?

To fight corruption?

This is the relevant part of chempo’s comment:

If the objective is to help fight corruption — I can name other priorities — – […]

Sun Tzu in Filipino Chapter 13

Paggamit ng Espiya

Heneral Donovan, CIA

1. Sabi ni Sun Tzu: malaki ang gastos para sa Estado, at malaki ang nawawala sa taongbayan sa pagtayo ng isang puwersa ng isangdaanglibong katao at ang pagmartsa sa kanila nang malayo. Iilang libong onsa na pilak ang gagastusin araw-araw. Magkakagulo sa loob at labas ng bayan, at maraming […]

Sun Tzu in Filipino Chapter 12

Ang atake sa pamamagitan ng apoy

1. Sabi ni Sun Tzu: lima ang paarang umatake sa pamamagitan ng apoy. Primero: sunugin ang mga sundalo sa kanilang kampo. Segundo: sunugin ang mga almasen. Tercero: sunugin ang sasakyan na may dalang bagahe. Kuwatro: sunugin ang mga sandata at bala. Singko: magtapon ng apoy sa kalaban.

2. Para […]

Sun Tzu in Filipino Chapter 11

Siyam na Sitwasyon

1. Sabi ni Sun Tzu: siyam na sitwasyon tungkol sa lugar ang kinikilala ng kasanayan sa gyera: (1) kalat na lugar; (2) madaling lugar; (3) lugar ng pinagtatalunan; (4) bukas na lugar; (5) lugar ng mga kalyeng nagsasama-sama; (6) seryosong lugar; (7) mahirap na lugar; (8) lugar na mahirap makalabas; (9) desperadong […]

Sun Tzu in Filipino Chapter 10

Iba’t-ibang Lugar

1. Anim na uri nang lugar ang matatangi: (1) Lugar na madaling maabutan (2) lugar na nakakaabala (3) lugar na patas (4) makitid na lagusan (5) matataas na lugar (6) mga lugar na napakalayo sa kalaban.

2. Ang tawag sa lugar na madaling daanan sa bawat direksiyon, lugar na madaling maabutan.

3. Pagdating […]

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