The Filipino is not crazy, Mr. Hussein!

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (21509596784) (cropped)(Achtung Satire!) our President knows who is a terrorist and who is not! This Tauli-Corpuz clearly is a suspect person. If our President already told the Lumads to behave properly and she is making it impossible for him to do his job properly, she is terrorizing him, just like this Pia Raissa Robles! Let me make clear that our President has no problem with women who are true role models, who help him in erecting his.. his idea of a nation, just like Mocha Uson is doing for him every.. daily. The women he has a problem with are those who make an old man’s… work.. harder than it is. Hm.

Besides, Tauli sounds like Tau’ri, the free human race in Stargate, a barely concealed work of evil Western propaganda. Did you not know that the Filipino ruling class, the real ones, not the yellow, are descended from the Goa’uld who once ruled Egypt, until that Moses stole their energy source? Dutertane, the powerful fuel that drove their chariots and made their eyes glow red with rage when the Jaffa disobeyed. Nowadays, the Jaffa in the Philippines, the slave race, no longer respond when their rulers look at them in anger. This is due to the drug shabu and too much freedom in society.

Now the descendants of Moses, known as the Mossad, still are controlling the Dutertane that they stole from our glorious ancestors. Together with your Jordanian countrymen, dear Mister Hussein, they are conniving with Loida Nicolas-Lewis and Leila De Lima to destroy our nation with drugs. They are even known to have directly contacted the International Criminal Court and met with Agnes Callamard at the Moulin Rouge in Paris just before taking the train to Brussels 3 weeks ago. We know because a friendly alien race has helped us. They were floating over Paris at that time.

Freedom, this stupid idea, is soon to be replaced by good old ways which served the world better. Enlightened and compassionate leaders like President Duterte, Solicitor General Calida, Public Attorney Persida Acosta, Honorable Imbecile Speaker Alvarez, Caped Crusader Dante Jimenez shall lead the way in doing what is necessary for those who must follow the leader to live a most comfortable life. That is the fate of the Jaffa, and they shall learn gratefulness, embodied in our most holy principle of utang na loob, once again from us, the galactic ruling class of the Goa’uld.

And besides, Dear Prince Hussein, how can a person be crazy who knows exactly what he is doing? Only the person who does not know what he is doing is crazy. Like Chief Justice Sereno, who thinks she can apply ideas of rule of law that are not native to our people, that are only her imagination? She is the one who is truly crazy! Because she thinks she can change the true nature of our country. This freedom that only brings drugs and disobedience. Maybe at home her husband is like a dog. Our President is not dog. He is MACHO! He is brillant! More than UN, EU, US and UP! We bilib.

Irineo B. R. Salazar
M√ľnchen, 10 March 2018

One thought on “The Filipino is not crazy, Mr. Hussein!


    Duterte has exposed the true nature of the Filipino. We are now known as the people voted for a murder campaign of thousands, voted to return to power political dynasties that plunder our taxpayers’ money, and voted believing in fake news and fake history. We let this happen. We deserve the world’s scorn, ridicule, and distrust.

    Duterte has also exposed the putrid and toxic masculinity of the Filipino man. Rape jokes, slut-shaming, catcalls, and wolf whistles instead of respect and gentlemanliness. Racist slurs instead of national pride. Rudeness instead of honesty. Braggadocio instead of bravery. Mob rule instead of democracy. Denial instead of accountability.

    Too many laughed at his unfunny rape jokes, raised that stupid fascist fist salute, and had their inane selfies taken with him. Not one policeman, soldier, marine, sailor, or airman stood up and felt insulted at his public guarantees of impunity for policemen who plant evidence or murder incarcerated perpetrators by falsely claiming the perpetrator was resisting arrest and for soldiers who rape women. Not one man stood up to denounce his public misogyny or his outright lies.

    Men, we let this happen. As Filipino men, we have to take responsibility and understand how the world sees us. Even those of us who oppose Duterte have thus far failed to stop him and his murder, plunder, and misogyny. We deserve the world’s scorn, ridicule, and distrust.

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