The New Constitution of the Philippines

Fisherman bugasongwas enacted on Mactan Island on November 30, 2018, in a ceremony presided over by Prime Minister Pimentel, President Duterte and Chief Magistrate Calida. In Accordance with Article II, Section 1: “The Philippines is an Asian democracy. All sovereignty resides in the barangays.” the three took their oaths in front of the 42 thousand plus barangay captains of all islands. In return, they assured all barangays of full legal autonomy in matters of communal cohesion, including the disposal of dissenters, drug addicts and other nuisances. Over 42 thousand fists greeted in return.

The BIR no longer existed. Tax collection has been given to the barangay captains, under the supervision of mayors, governors and state prime ministers. In his long, rambling speech, President Duterte once more defended the system, saying “the national budgeting system was too complicated, and it was also leaking – let us better be honest and let everybody have their cut”. COA, PCGG and CHR have been replaced by the Office of General Audit of Government (OGAG), with the President saying “just one check and balance is enough, so that nobody abuses too much!”

The President emphasized the importance of Article III, Section I: “Only real Filipinos have the right to life, liberty and property. Real Filipinos are free of the wrong ideas of Western liberalism and the temptations of drug addiction” and of Section II: “the right of the barangay to inspect the houses of its citizens to ensure peace, order and harmony shall not be abridged by any laws”. “This is finally a Constitution that is true to our way of life and customs”  said Duterte: “truly free of the ungodly Western temptations of liberty that led our youth to liberal disrespect and drugs”.

Outside the zone of the ceremony, a fisherman watched. Strange, thought Anselmo. No mention of the Bikolano separation, declared in Naga the day before by State Prime Minister Robredo and State Interior Minister Trillanes, a week after Leila de Lima was found hanged in her Crame cell. No mention of wide areas of Manila under Martial Law since the the May insurrections of Caloocan that spread throughout the Metro area after police shot a large number of middle class children. No curses yet in his speech, thought Anselmo: nothing to disturb his false picture of peace and order.

Chinese ships in the surrounding sea joined the Philippine Navy in giving the new Philippine Government a salute. We, the sovereign Filipino people, imploring the aid of the People’s Republic of China against colonial Western oppression.. was after all how the new Constitution started. Nonetheless, the USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier was docked in Legazpi harbor, waiting for orders. Anselmo took a load of fish from his boat to take them to market. Then he would visit a woman he knew well. Better to wait for the high alert stage to end first. Then he would slip away.

Irineo B. R. Salazar
München, 1 December 2017

3 thoughts on “The New Constitution of the Philippines


    ..A deep antidemocratic spirit, hostile to the rule of law, characterizes Dutertismo. And this spirit will continue to seek ways to express itself—if not through the self-coup that is a revolutionary government, then through the extension and even expansion of martial law, the weaponization of Congress’ power to impeach, the continuing abuse of the justice department’s prosecutorial powers..

    ..President Duterte’s “Davao template” is based on a highly pragmatic approach to governing: Many factors contributed to its success, but part of its secret is the accumulation of political capital through the systematic abuse of the rule of law. Mr. Duterte said it himself, about using his prosecutorial power to plant both intrigue and evidence. This is how he understands things get done..

  2. Thanks for this, Irineo.

    This is the part where expatriate Filipinos from all corners of the world will form an expeditionary force to assist the US Seventh Fleet in waters off eastern Philippines poised to strike the Chinese Navy in West Philippine Sea.

    The spectre of a nuclear exchange looms large, and Rodrigo Duterte twiddles his fingers on his face, thinking pleasant thoughts of Armaggedon on Philippine shores authored by no less than the mayor of Davao and king of chaos.

    Meanwhile, Kim Jong-Un fixes bayonets, ordering his three trucks loaded with ICBMs to move around the territory to wait for his order to fire on US ships off the Bicol peninsula, while President Leni Robredo of the disjointed Philippine republic of the 1987 Constitution meets with AFP generals who have pronounced allegiance to the Republic put asunder by Satan himself.

    • Welcome, Will… and thanks for the logical addition. Although I don’t feel like continuing this, as this possible future does not end well for most people. But who would have thought, just a year ago, that Marawi would end up looking like Aleppo?

      Probably the best thing it can be is a warning for those who believe anything can still be taken lightly these days. The Philippines is at the front line between two superpowers, somewhat like Berlin in 1961/62, except that everybody then was sane including Kennedy and Krushchev.

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