The ruler always means well

MuseumMalacanan9714 23and how dare anyone doubt that! Especially if the ruler is a narcissist, hooked on being admired. Surely there have been benevolent rulers, no matter how they were called in the past. But there are two factors which kept rulers from seeing only their own interests – popular and ethical pressure.

Pressures upon rulers

Ethical pressure could be social standards as to how a good ruler should be – whether he was a Christian King in Medieval Europe, held at least theoretically to standards the Church set for him, or an Islamic Sultan especially in the Arab world, held to ideals of the Islamic religion, a Chinese Emperor held to Confucian ideals of a balanced and harmonious society, a Japanese Emperor bound by ancient rules of honor, or tribal leaders held to honor the memory of their ancestors.

Popular pressure would be groups of people seeking that they have their share within society. Whenever the natural balance, a certain satisfaction with how things are, was disturbed, history has shown that people eventually react – more often than not constructively if their voices are heard and especially if their needs are met. Aggressively if they are not heard and their needs are not met. Passive-aggressively if the channel of aggression is blocked – even to the point of social stagnation. The passive aggressivity was very obvious in Eastern Europe of the late 1980s, just before the anger at Communist repression finally boiled over – from Berlin to Bucharest. People simply did what they had to, were cynical about nearly everything. Nothing moved forward anymore as a result.

Golden Age coming?

Well, maybe I am wrong about the Philippines. It could well be that President Duterte is the future. That the country will return to a golden age, when rulers loved their people like strict fathers and the people loved them in return! Not like the “ungrateful” and “un-Filipino” reporter Pia Ranada Robles, who was let into Daddy Diggs entourage and still dared to criticize him, and when given the punishment she deserved, still dared ask and ask the Praetorian Guard of the Philippines WHY!?

Why isn’t the kind of question traditional authoritarians in the Philippines like. Why is like asking what the hell are you doing to them, challenging their authority. Everything is so very personal. That however keeps things from advancing. Because someone always has to be the scapegoat. Insufficient focus on fixing issues like for example the MRT 3, instead the current group of datus and rajas tries to pin the fault on the ousted yellow datus or rajas. To completely isolate from the society all those who are not on the side of the ruler. Which is what Marcos did during Martial Law.

The Rude Awakening

Yes, and what happened, finally. Much like the Communist rulers in Eastern Europe, the rulers of the Philippines in the 1980s usually got to hear what they wanted to hear. Their regimes imploded. Yet Duterte’s Philippines seems to not even need formal dictatorship and full censorship for that. The warning signs – political, economic, social – are there to see yet people choose to ignore them. There will be demonstrations again this weekend, in memory of the two million on EDSA in 1986. Yes, I only recently was reminded they were that many. But that desperate remembrance may fail. The comfortable illusion of a national barangay with a jovial chieftain which is at the same time as progressive as and orderly as Singapore, a kind of Malay Wakanda, is political shabu for many. In reality China surrounds it, mines its vibranium, and will give it overpriced loans. Still dreaming?

Irineo B. R. Salazar
München, 24 February 2018

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    NO, we don’t have the rule of the wise or the learned.Neither is it the rule of the monarch, or the majority. What we have are lowlifes and gangsters. These are people of contradictions. They have college education and diploma, but are most uncouth, uncivilized, and unwise. Their moves are characterized by absence of any basis, or any sense of decency. They don’t study; they hardly read . Their works are sloppy and, at best, mediocre. The absence of any standard or yardstick of excellence is most noticeable:

    Heading the list is no less than the sick old man of the South. He has a low regard of the people which he rules. He has a low regard of everybody, including himself. He has no sense of history either. his is essentially politics of me, but the low-esteem is most remarkable in the exercise of his political role and duties. he is the lead gangster.

    The Senate president is a wimp, who has no mind of his own. He probably hates his father, who has carved a name of his own as a leader from Mindanao. His hatred of his father could be the reason why he want to slay the over-imposing father image by his unmitigated demonstration of utter obedience and obeisance to the sick old man. He is a man who stands for nothing.

    The Speaker is an anomaly. A lowlife in everything – in thoughts, in words, and in deeds. As the fourth highest political leader in the country, he has no qualms to exhibit his perverted sense of morality, showing neither shame or circumspection. Just watching him makes a citizen ashamed of being a Filipino. He is another gangsta.

    The pro-administration senators are an assortment of misfits and unfits in a legislative body, which was once the shelter of the best and the brightest like Claro Recto, Jose Laurel, Cipriano Primicias, Lorenzo Tanada, Jose Diokno, Benigno Jr., Gerardo Roxas, Jovito Salonga, and many others. Now, we have a crooked dick who is despised by his own colleagues for long hours of monologue, a boxer who has become a national clown, a comedian and plagiarist who is a national joke, a supposed mig jet, which could not fly, a guy from the town of firecrackers, yet he who could explode with some brilliant ideas, and several others.

    Lowlifes belonging to political dynasties populate the House. They are just too many to mention.

    The propaganda team is most noticeable. The presidential spokesman used to be a topnotch human rights lawyer and international law expert, but he has readily surrendered his decades of hard work to satisfy his consuming political ambition and desire for pelf and power. A communications secretary, who remains clueless of his job until now, and an assistant secretary, whose name has become synonymous with fake news and who thinks that by conducting a poll of trolls and bots, she could revise history.

    The cabinet sectaries are equally despicable lowlifes. A foreign affairs secretary who has no qualm to announce to the world that the very country he represents has seven million drug addicts, a much bloated figure that has been scaring tourists from coming over to the country. A tourism secretary who travels with a coterie of hair stylist, manicurist, pedicurist, masseuse, etc. A wig wearing justice secretary who perverts the law by working with civil society groups dominated by shakedown artists and con men, and an attorney general, who doesn’t know his law.

    Yes, we have a band of lowlifes ruling our country. A cabal of gangsters who is raping our country. A bang of stickup artists and con men who is bleeding this country dry. They will have their comeuppance one of these days. Retribution will be the first order of the day. 😠😠😠



      A tax-paid liar asked if 1986 People Power was a product of fake news. We’ll answer that below.


      Philippines was once directly connected to China. What is now Beijing was practically neighbors with what is now Davao. Imagine shipping shabu directly without Customs green lanes. A large meteorite struck ancient China so violently its impact site and an entire chunk of the earth’s crust was tossed out into the ocean – forming the Philippines.


      The meteorite was rich in the mind-altering metal mautium. Four early tribes settled near the crash site. They fought until two were left victorious with a duopoly of mautium.

      One losing tribe called Tsinelas was exiled to the west. They arrived on the Asian mainland and renamed themselves Tsina. Duterte was wrong to say China has historic rights over Philippine islands. It’s the other way around.

      The other losing tribe – the female-dominant Indays – was scattered on both sides of the archipelago. One group reached the Indian subcontinent. The other group reached the Americas. Coincidentally, both groups renamed themselves Indyas. Later historians called them Indians.


      One tribe settled the North and called itself Maharlika. Their people worked hard and their leaders stole hard. The ruling family liked to be called Malakas and Maganda but not Magnanakaw.

      The other tribe settled the South and called itself Mauto. They believed in false gods, multiple wives, false six-month promises, human sacrifice, and the power of corny jokes. It would take thousands of years before these two tribes reunite. That comes later.


      Don’t believe Yoyoy Villame. There was no dude named Ferdinand Magellan. He was invented to mislead Lapu Lapu who was invited to a beach party in Mactan. The real leader of the Spanish expedition was Miguel Bongelo Junior – a notorious womanizer whose descendants multiplied like rabbits so Mike, Bong and Jun are the top local names today.

      Lapu Lapu did not kill the fictional Magellan dude. Both sides got drunk with tuba in Mactan and took selfies.


      Don’t believe La Soliradidad fake news either. There were no patriotic Filipinos. Just a bunch of troublesome rich insulares kids failing their classes in Europe and looking for an excuse to go home. That Boni fella did not tear his cedula. He tore a worthless expired karitela driver’s license in frustration over delayed renewal.


      Nothing of consequence in the American era except a Filipino named Mang Donald invented the first burger which was plagiarized by an gringo named Sotto McDonald.

      Nothing of consequence either in Japanese time except some Filipinos carrying sacks of cash – a practice revived by the Maharlika leaders in 1970s and Mauto leaders in 2010s on their way to bank branches.


      Martial Law wasn’t bad. Only the hippie students who didn’t want to meaninglessly march around in ROTC crew cuts resisted. Marcos did not steal the money. He just hoarded billions for safe-keeping to save the Philippines one day in case of another meteorite strike.

      1986 PEOPLE POWER

      Marcos was not evicted from power. He bought promo tickets to Hawaii – a last minute vacation decision that included bringing crates of gold, jewelry, painting, financial certificates and henchmen.

      The family loved Hawaii so much they decided to extend their stay. Marcos was AWOL from his job Feb 2016 to Sept 2019 when he died from over-exposure to sun, sea and stolen loot.


      Not true that one of Cory’s biggest mistake was appointing a future despot as OIC in Davao. The Mauto leader was already in charge of Davao since 180,000 BC (before Christ, before Cory too).

      He arrived aboard the meteorite a long time ago with a vision to save the future Philippines from drugs, crime, corruption, traffic. This makes him the greatest president and meteorite-surfer in the solar system.

      References: Not Constantino, Zaide or Agoncillo. I polled every one of these points and got 84% approvals from idiots so these must be correct.

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