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Wadapak is happening

Martin Andanarone might ask, hearing recent news about Panelo. Not much in the EU, if one is to believe Andanar. Oversexed and underpacked EU officials have not yet asked me when Andanar will conduct a goodwill tour of Europe, with USec Lorraine Badoy and Asec Margaux Uson in tow, as baggage. Might become the most joyous moment in the life of “whites” since Magellan’s men landed in Leyte. Maybe even more joyous than when they arrived in Cebu! Or is more to be learned from the Filipino nation? Learn to procreate again, dear Europeans, and don’t care that much about every single human life?

Most European populations have remained practically static while the Philippine population has increased around fivefold since the 1950s. Filipinos are definitely overpacked now, like sardines. Whether they are overfucked is another question, considering how HIV is rising (link) it could just be carelessness, and the drug war may even worsen it (link). Mayhem and disease like in Africa? Sodom and Gomorrha, while those who live morally upright like Senator Sotto will survive it all? Unfortunately, Senator Pacquiao will have no more excuses if he comes home to his wife infected.

There used to be a repressive aspect to Filipino elite culture, even if the days when one had to pretend to disapprove of premarital sex are practically gone – certain things are untenable in the modern days of the Internet. Well, even during the days of Marcos sexual content served its purpose in keeping the masses distracted. No matter what USec Lorraine Badoy may say about the European Union, a teen/minor like Pepsi Paloma (link) never could play a bold role here legally. The sultry Isabelle Adjani was 28 when she played a vengeful temptress in One Deadly Summer.

That was 1983, the year I turned 18, and today I am surprised I didn’t notice Adjani’s “age” at all. Germany. Nude pictures, bolder than those of Mocha Uson today, in every tabloid. Coin-operated vending machines for condoms in men’s bathrooms. Strong education campaigns when AIDS first came into the scene. I start working in McDonald’s to earn money for my driver’s license. A year later, in 1984, some young people are amused when the Green member of parliament Joseph “Joschka” Fischer calls Bundestag Vice-President Richard Stücklen an asshole – on national TV.

Fischer was known as the first to come into the German parliament in sports shoes in a time when everybody else came in suits. The Green party had its roots in the “1968ers”, hippie-era rebels against the rests of Nazism, stuffy conservatism and the Vietnam war (plus the USA). Fourteen years later, Fischer became Foreign Minister in a coalition with Chancellor Schröder. He was well-liked in Washington, against all odds. Rebels have to grow up, at the latest, the moment they assume power and responsibility. True rebels do, as they have a mission. Mere trapos don’t.

Irineo B. R. Salazar
München, 28 October 2017


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  • – Context 1:

    The President’s communication chief calls the EU officials ‘palaiyot,’ a Bisaya term used to describe people who frequently have sex. He advises them to just have more sex rather than criticize Duterte.

    MANILA, Philippines – In a meeting in London with overseas Filipino workers, Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar said European Union (EU) officials critical of President Rodrigo Duterte just have too much sex.

    In an apparent effort to mimic the gutter humor of his principal, Andanar used the Bisaya term “palaiyot,” which means someone who frequently has sex, to describe low-ranking EU officials who constantly criticize the Duterte administration.

    “’Yung mga maingay na palaiyot, ’yung mga maiingay…. Alam mo, ang problema sa kanila hanggang ingay lang sila, wala namang napatunayan. Kung tatanungin mo ’yung kanilang prime minister, mga presidente, ’yung talagang namamahala sa mga bansa, pati sila sumusuporta kay Presidente,” said Andanar in a video of the event posted by Duterte News Stream Live on Tuesday, October 23.

    (The noisy ones who like to have sex, the noisy ones… You know the problem with them is they are just noisy, but they haven’t proven anything. If you ask their prime minister, their president, those really running the country, even they support our President.)

    The video showed him and PCOO Assistant Secretary Kris Ablan attending a “meet and greet” with Filipinos based in the United Kingdom. A Palace source said Andanar was “invited” to the country by some groups..

    • – Context 2:

      MANILA – Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo on Wednesday defended a “joke” he made during an interview with international media, saying it was simply an “interplay of words” meant to make the journalists laugh.
      “I said to that writer, obviously, you did not get the joke, and even quoting me wrong things. There was an interplay of words, even the spelling was wrong,” he told ANC’s Headstart.
      A report by shared this transcript of the recording of Panelo’s interview with Karin Wenger, the South East Asia correspondent of Swiss National Public Radio, with local correspondent, Ana Santos:
      Karin Wenger: And one personal question: You play piano, right?
      Salvador Panelo: Yeah. I play by ear.
      KW: Do you have any—
      SP: I compose, I play, and sing and dance. But I’m better in bed.
      KW: You’re better in bed?
      SP: Yes.
      Ana Santos: Says who?
      SP: Says me.
      AS: How do you know?
      SP: Well, when I was still a bachelor, they said I f*ck like an 18 year old. I f*ck my clothes like an 18-year-old. Because I travel a lot.
      KW: You f*ck your clothes?
      SP: You didn’t get the joke? I wanted you to laugh.
      KW: No. I missed the joke. I’m sorry.

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